Thursday, 29 November 2012

13 Oct 2012 - A big turn off

Checked in at Seoul Green Residence at around 7.30pm.
I was given a different room this time.

This room was slight better than the one I stayed before I went to Sokcho..

Everything was within my expectation until I looked down at the toilet bowl seat.

I saw yellow urine stains on the toilet seat and they looked FRESH!!!  *Puke

This is a big turn off especially after dinner.  Since they don't provide shower gel etc, I used my own shower gel to wash the toilet seat. I didn't expect to spend my time washing toilet bowl during my vacation but I was so glad that I bought a big bottle of rose essence shower gel from Lotte Mart.  The toilet smelled of rose essence thereafter. nice..

One of my friend said I was too pampered and asking too much. Was I asking too much? I don't think so. Basic hygiene is what I expect in a hotel room even though I paid KRW60000 for it. This is the reason I will never stay here again.

A cabinet was provided in this room but not in the room that I stayed during my first few days in Seoul.

Went to the pantry for some hot water and took a peep at the "lounge" which was two doors away from my room.  I don't like it at all becos it reeked of cigarette smell.

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