Thursday, 3 November 2011

14 Oct 2011 - Whatever stream it may be

Its time for exercise!  I am always very happy to see such long staircase everytime after a good meal ^^  Now that I am back in Singapore, I really miss all these long staircases...
After a nice lunch, I proceed to Yangjae Stream by taking subway from Sinsa to Dogok Station, exit 4.  You will see this building on your left when you come out from exit 4. 

Look to your left and you will see this. 

This junction is beside those bicycle stands but this picture served no purpose for direction to Yangjae stream! Hahahaaa...I was standing here for about 5 mins wondering which way to go. The map said Yangjae stream is behind Tower Palace Apartment Complex.  However, I couldn't see Tower Palace Apartment from here.  Gut feel told me I shouldn't cross the road. Standing here facing the road, I turned to my right and walked along the flow of traffic.. 

Somehow I managed to locate Tower Palace.  These beautiful trees were beside Tower Palace.

I walked straight till the end of this path and turned right.

Gut feel told me to cross the road...

Cross again and I saw an entrance of a park after crossing this road.  I walked into the park because I was lost!  Hahahaaa... Anyway, I was surprised to have wifi here. 
Everything happens for a reason.  No regrets to come here ^^ 

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

One last shot before I get out of the park.

I got back to the entrance of the park and continued to look for the stream!

A stream!!!  I saw this stream as I crossed the bridge/flyover. this Yangjae stream??  It looked a bit different from the pictures shown on the Internet... Anyway, I was glad to see a stream  ㅋㅋㅋ

Took this picture when I was on the bridge/flyover...

There's a staircase on the right side of this path, which will lead you to the stream that I saw...

I walked down and saw children playing by the stream  ^^  Hmmm...seems like its part of Yangjae stream...Hahahaaa..

"We couldn't see what's lying ahead of us but we can cherish the moment we have...
Cherish every moment you have with your love ones because we do not know what's going to happen tomorrow..."
There were only two teenagers playing by the side of the stream when I was there. The stone pathway has become a common route used by the residents to get across to the opposite side of the stream.  I was glad to be here.  Whatever stream is this, I liked the simplicity of this part of the stream. Totally enjoyed this very moment of recording my travel journal by the stream..

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

I tried crossing the stream as well!  It was freezing cold and I worried that I will fall into the stream.  There were so many small flies flying around on the stone pathway!  Extremely worried that one of this tiny flies will fly straight into my nose! Yeekkssss...

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

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