Thursday, 17 November 2011

18 Oct 2011 - Bon Juk porridge for breakfast ^^

I have been looking forward to upload today's post because I went to Buam dong on day 9!  Other then Banpo Bridge, Dalki Space @ Heyri Park and Ihwa dong, Buam dong was one of the places that I really really reallyyyyyyy wanted to visit.  Personally, I find Buam dong is such a perfect get away from the busy or routine life styles in Seoul.  Amazingly, this tranquil small town is not far from Seoul, which makes it even easier for a short get away.  I would definitely come here often if I am living in Seoul  ㅋㅋㅋ

Before I checked out my beloved Buam dong, I went to Bon Juk at Myeongdong for my breakfast.   Actually, I wanted to try Juk Story but did not have much luck to come across it...whereas Bon Juk is almost everywhere! 
I was surprised to see a primary school right in the middle of Myeongdong!  From the Chinese character, I think this is a school for the children of the Chinese expatriates. 

Multi storey carpark

Bon Juk

Kimchi octupus porridge!  Yummy!!  It was a very cold morning.  This bowl of juk came at the right time!   I am always curious why Korean can have cold soup, such as cold kelp soup in their meal. Cold soup is not common in Chinese dishes. In fact, Chinese has only hot soup.  The radish banchan was cold but crunchy and nice.  I love the crunchy radish but I am curious why a cold dish was served with a hot main dish.   Saw the red paste on the top right corner?  I also have the same thing on my first day in Seoul when I ordered juk.  Is that considered a banchan or something like a condiment for juk?  Whatever it is, I love it!!  

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