Thursday, 24 November 2011

19 Oct 2011 - Day 10 in Korea

First thing I saw after I got off the cab 

I have to cross the road to get to Damyang Bamboo Park 죽녹원. 

Ah!  So many school children ^^

Yeah!  I am really here!

Outside the park entrance

Panda bears and bamboo supposed to go hand in hand...and it feels weird with fake panda bears in this environment..

Cheap entrance fees

And the journey begins  ^^  Excited!
I spent a lot of time along this path because I was so enticed by the bamboo settings.  I heard there's a black bamboo forest in Korea.  Was it in Gangneung?  Black Bamboo sounds amazing to me.  I hoped to check it out one day ^^

View from a pavilion

Maybe it seems romantic to engrave love messages on the bamboo but this is bad...Poor bamboo...they deserved to be love too ..

I'm sorry if there's too many look alike pictures but I don't care. 

Where is this leading to? 

아이스크림!  Well, this place is something like a souvenir store

Bamboo ice cream  ^^  Niceeeeee.... This reminds me of the purple color Lavender ice cream that I ate in Hokkaido   ㅋㅋㅋ
I followed this path to the lower level of the souvenir store.  I bought some souvenirs here.  The lady in charge was very nice.  She asked if I was from America....Huhhh...I told her, "싱가포르 왔어"  ^^
I asked her how to get to the famous noodle street, 국수거리.  When I was planning my itinerary, I told myself I must check out the noodles street because there were so many good reviews about this famous street ^^  She gave me a very expressive sign language to get to the noodle street.  If I was not wrong, she was trying to tell me to walk straight all the way and I will see a river.  The street is just across the river.  Really appreciate her kindness ^^

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