Sunday, 6 November 2011

15 Oct 2011 - Experience in buying KR pass

Time flies...I'm already into my 6th day in Korea. Strange. I do not miss home at all. Whenever I go overseas, I will miss Singapore, my family and even my bedroom...I will also make it a point to call home everyday.  This time before I left home for airport, I told mum, "I might forget to call back."  She gave me a boring look  -_-
After breakfast, I took a subway from Myeongdong to Seoul station for my KR pass.
It still look intimidating to me...

My learning process to buy KR pass continues...
I went straight to the Travel Centre again.  Shit.  It was still closed!  How can that be??  A travel centre closed on a Saturday???   I went to one of the counter and asked the staff where can I buy the KR pass.  Yap.  I said very clearly that I wanted to buy KR pass.   She told me that I can join the queue to buy at any counters.  Hence, I joined the long queue.  Although the queue was long, but it did not take very long.  Finally, it was my turn,the staff told me that I can only buy KR pass at the Travel Centre.  I told her the Travel Centre was closed and her colleague told me that I can join any queue to buy my KR pass.  She looked puzzled and went over to check for me.  She returned shortly and asked me to follow her to the Travel Centre.  I thought that was a very kind gesture. 
Upon reaching the Travel Centre, I felt I was so damn stupid...I should have gone to the counter right beside the Travel Centre.  All these while, I thought that counter was meant for currency exchange.  바보....
서울 여행 센터 also refer to Travel Centre!!  Omg...It never crossed my mind that "Travel Centre" is also "여행 센터".  The English word, "Travel Centre" went deep into my head and I did not bother to look at the hangul character.... 
Hazzz....."Travel Centre" or  "여행 센터"....I will remember both of you for a long long time.....Take note the counter at the Travel Centre does not operate 24 hours. 

Next highlight in buying my KR pass...
I told the staff at this Travel Centre counter that I wanted to buy KR pass.  She asked if I have booked my KR pass online. I told her, "Nope".  She told me that KR pass can only be purchased on weekdays and not weekends!! 
At that very moment, I can almost feel my temper rising.  I am not a person with good temper and this is really testing my patience..Of course, it was not her fault at all.  Email replies from Korail did not even mention that I can only buy my KR pass at the counter during weekdays. 

*I checked with KTO after I came back. The reply from KTO is, "You may purchase the KR pass in person at Seoul Station or online. To purchase a ticket in person, a credit card issued in a foreign country is required.

Well, there's no point to argue.  I asked if its possible for me to buy normal KTX tickets instead.  She helped me to check availability of the tickets.  Thank god. There is still ticket available to Busan tomorrow.  However, only one return ticket left for one timing(22.13) tomorrow.  I quickly grab it without second thought!
First class KTX tickets were sold out for Busan and Gwangju.   I got my two way economy class tickets for Seoul to Busan, and Busan to Seoul at KRW105,400 which was about SGD $122...
My two way economy class tickets from Yongsan station to Gwangju, and Gwangju to Yongsan station costs me KRW71,800 which was about SGD $83. Therefore, I spent a total of KRW 177,200 on KTX economy tickets...about SGD $204. If I have bought KR pass, things will be much cheaper. KR pass for 3 days is about KRW 84,600 (about SGD$100) with unlimited rides within 3 days.  
I could buy my KR pass if I were to go back on a weekday, but its ok.  괜찮아.  I did not want to spend too much time travelling up and down to Seoul station just to get tickets.  Frankly speaking, I appreciate the learning process! Hahaa..

As soon as I left the counter, I heard some unfriendly shoutings.  Turned around and saw a big guy shouting at the girl who attended to me just now. Poor girl. She was still keeping up with a smile on her face and trying her best to remain composed.  I wish her best of luck.  Being in the service industry is no easy job.  I fully understand that. It reminds me of my daily job  :[ 
A plus point to note. I noticed the counter staff at Travel Centre can speak and understand English a lot better than those at the normal ticketing counters.  Maybe staff at the Travel Centre have to deal with more foreigners?

Outside Seoul Station
I just don't have the skill to capture a nice picture of this building. 
My next stop is Sinchon  ^^


  1. Hi Im travelling to Korea coming Thursday.
    Do you mean I can actually purchase a KR pass directly at Seoul station without making an online reservation for an e-ticket in exchange for a KR pass?

  2. Hi. Frankly speaking I'm not too sure and I never thought of buying it over the counter. I got this infor from this link

    It says "e-tickets must be purchased at least five days in advance, as it will take roughly this long for your KR Pass to be processed."

    Wish u a pleasant trip ^^

  3. Oh. Because I saw your post saying you did not book your KR pass online and you went to the counter to purchase. So I thought it is possible to purchase a KR pass over the counter :(

    I last minute thought of going to Busan from Seoul for cherry blossoms (A day trip). But if I were to buy normal KTX ticket, it would be so expensive. And if I travel by bus, it means I need to travel for 9 hours in a day =O

    Or do you have any idea that I can catch cherry blossom in a day trip basis on 30th, somewhere nearer to Seoul?

    Thank you!

  4. Hi. So sorry. Maybe I did not express myself clearly. I ended up buying the normal tickets ㅠㅠ The only places I visited for Cherry Blossom are Busan and Jinhae, so I guess I am not the best person to advise you on places to view the flowers.

  5. By the way, I checked my Autumn trip post and remembered that I did asked the Korail counter staff about buying the KR pass. He said, KR pass can be purchased online during weekends but not at the counters.So I assumed he is saying that KR pass can be bought at the counters on weekdays. Anyway, I dropped an email to KTO to confirm on this but yet to receive a reply from thee.

  6. Hi. The reply from KTO is, "You may purchase the KR pass in person at Seoul Station or online. To purchase a ticket in person, a credit card issued in a foreign country is required. For more information on the KR pass, please see our page below."

  7. I emailed Korail but no response from them. Thank you so much! =D

  8. No prob ^^ Enjoy your trip!