Saturday, 12 November 2011

My Seafood Sundubu jjigae 해물순두부찌개

Its my saturday off today so I went to SOL Mart this morning.  Mother will be out today and I volunteered to cook for father....emmm.....with a ulterior motive in mind  ㅋㅋㅋ  because I wanted to eat Seafood Sundubu jjigae 해물순두부찌개 so I am going to cook Seafood sundubu jjigae today!  I like 해물순두부찌개 a lot but it is getting harder to find authentic Seafood Sundubu Jjigae in Singapore. The thought of piping hot jjigae is enough to make me swallow my own saliva...!!  Of course, I wouldn't be able to cook as well as the Koreans but its better than nothing....I miss Korea  ㅠㅠ
Was it a long time since I cook???  I actually cut my fingers while cutting the onions...hazzz...clumsy me...

Got the recipe from Aeriskitchen.  I came across her blog by chance and she is really good!  I used kelp and clams as the soup base ^^ I added a lot more clams than what was stated in the recipe.  Suddenly, I felt that I was making those Korean Hand-made Noodle Soup with Clams  ㅋㅋㅋ  Was it called 바지락 칼국수??  Ahh....talking about Korean Hand-made Noodle Soup with Clams...I miss that....  ㅠㅠ
Stir fried spicy kimchi, onions, pork and chilli powder.  It looked burnt but the taste was not affected.  Thank god ^^

Hmmm...yeah...I'm greedy...the pot is so full....

I prefer a poach egg to a raw egg in my jjigae ^^
Told myself I must have a perfect poach egg!!

Rice in soup is heaven to me!! My poach egg looked deflatted because the egg yolk is already in my stomach! Yum Yum!!
Hahahaa....My sense of guilt started to arise slowly because I always eat more when I eat Korean rice with jjigae!!! Oh dear, I still have to attend a wedding dinner tonight! Don't care, don't care.. I love this more ^^
My father's verdict?? I am lucky because father is one who goes for soup and rice! Hahahaa... He emptied his bowl. Anyway, I honestly feel that this is better than the one I cooked for my colleagues previously. It tasted more Korean...hahahaa...well, at least to me, myself and I!! Probably because I followed strictly to the recipe and 95% of the ingredients were bought from the Korean supermarket!

I don't care if anyone would laugh at me for this.  I have been thinking to buy this ramen pot for the longest time.  They are so "popular" in Korean drama, isn't it??   I thought of buying it when I was in Seoul but I have forgotten.  Just now when I was buying the ttukbaegi 뚝배기, I thought, "Ok the time has come."  So I bought two pots today!  One question that keeps banging in my head... Why are they gold in color??
*Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

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