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18 Oct 2011 - Getting to Buam Dong

The weather was very good, so I decided to change my itinerary by visiting Buam dong, Naksan Park, Ihwa dong etc. Thanks to who provided excellent directions to get to Buam dong.  정말 고마워요  ^^ 

After a nice breakfast at Bon Juk, I took the subway to Gyeongbokgung Station, exit 3.
Walk straight for about 2-3 mins and you will see this bus stop stand.

Bus route

I took the bus 7022 to Buam dong.  The red arrow indicates the direction of the route on this bus trip. Alight at 부암동주민센터, which is the 6th stop. Once again, many thanks to!  I was very excited because this was my first time taking public bus in Korea ^^ Although it was not a long bus journey but I was looking forward to it!  There will be announcement in both English and Korean language on the bus, to tell you what's the next stop.  Just in case you can't catch the announcement, try to get yourself a seat on the right side of the bus.  This is because the stops along the bus journey to Buam dong will be on the right hand side.  The name of the bus stops were also written in both English and Hangul.  Therefore, if you can't hear the announcement, you can at least see the English names of the bus stop from your seating.

Excited with my first public bus trip in Korea ㅎㅎㅎ
*Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Yeah! I have reached Buam dong!! Got off the bus. This was what I saw on my left.  Actually, I was not sure which direction to go after alighting from the bus.
A learning point for me by observing the landmarks such as buildings, bridges on the pictures obtained from Personally, I used colored printings for certain places which I think would be more difficult to locate.  It helped me to recognise the places much more easily.

Signage at the bus stop. Saw the English wordings on the signage? 
부암동주민센터 is also Buam Dong Community Service Centre.

Based on my gut feel and observations from the pictures I printed, I decided to turn to my right to proceed with my journey.   Hence, facing the shops after alighting from the bus, turn right and walk straight. 

Walk straight for about 2 mins. 

Saw these containers a few times in Seoul and they never failed to capture my attention  ^^   
 Ok, back to our journey.
 After walking straight for about 2 mins, you will come to this junction. 
 Do not cross but turn left when you reach this junction. 
Next, you will see this.  Take the lower route, ie the route on the left. You will see CHEERS on your left at this point of time.

I didn't expect to see CHEERS so fast. ㅎㅎㅎ Actually, I wanted to have my lunch at CHEERS because I learnt that it was good for its chicken and beer ^^ On second thought, the servings of chicken will be too much for me. Thus, I decided to check out Sanmotoonge 산모퉁이, which was also the cafe featured in the drama, Coffee Prince.  괜찮아요 I will check out CHEERS again on my next trip to SEOUL ^^ 

Passing by..
You will see this after you passed by CHEERS and take the lower route as mentioned earlier.

One of the back lane.

Map pasted outside a shop.

Next, you will see a split road.  Saw the red arrow?  That's the direction to Sanmotoonge 산모퉁이.  Follow as instructed.

Walk up.

I love Autumn.  I love Autumn leaves..
My first encounter with autumn leaves was also in Korea many years ago...
I am happy to be back once again  ^^

They made me happy ^^

*Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Keep on walking..

You will see this sign for "Art For Life".

Thereafter, you will see the sign for Sanmotoonge 산모퉁이 but the cafe is still about 10 -15 mins away, depending on how fast you walk.  Well, I don't see the need to walk fast.

Another cafe along the way.  SOON cafe.

Outdoor seating at Soon cafe.
Heart shaped pebble ^^
*Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Its one route up all the way....

Another signage to the cafe.

죄송합니다...I don't mean to intrude any privacy ...

*Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram
I didn't expect to see so many cars.

I was surprised to see this!  So beauiful!  Is this Bugaksan?  I am not sure what mountain is this but I hoped to make a trip there in my next visit to Seoul.  Emmm...first of all, I need to train up my stamina!  ㅋㅋㅋ

Woww...they were BIG and looked most delicious to eat!  Sanmotoonge 산모퉁이 is opposite this family who planted the big cabbage  ^^  I shall devote one separate post for Sanmotoonge 산모퉁이 because I like the cafe a lot.  Nice ambiance, nice cake and nice green tea latte!  Coming up next  ^^

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