Wednesday, 9 November 2011

16 Oct 2011 - Arrived in Busan ^^

My intital plan was to take subway Line 1, to check out Changseon-dong Meokja Golmok ("Let's Eat" alley), BIFF square, 40 Stairs Thema Street, First Street of Seomyeon and Seomyeon Meokja Golmok. Since I need to reach Busan Station by 7.30pm, I decided to change my plans and took up the city tours to gain a quick overview of the beautiful city ^^  Oh before I forget, the information counter at Busan Station told me I can use T money here.

Bright sunny weather and cool breeze welcomed me ^^ 

A fountain right outside Busan Station.   
I saw Arirang Hotel 아리랑 호텔 on my left, after coming out from Busan Station. The City Bus Tour can be found in front of the hotel. I paid my ticket of KRW10,000 directly to the bus driver after selecting the city tour that I wanted.  
No skill to take nice picture of the station ㅠㅠ

View from the bus

View from the bus.   
I was too engrossed in admiring the beautiful seaport of Busan and failed to capture a picture of it.  The passing view from the bus was already so sooo beautiful.  Nope!   "Beautiful" alone is not enough to describe the place.  Its simply breathtaking.  How I wish I can alight here and take a stroll around the port. Hope I can come back again one day..

View from the bus.
This is not the beautiful or breathtaking part I am refering to ㅋㅋㅋ

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