Monday, 21 November 2011

18 Oct 2011 - A glimpse of Naksan Park

I don't think I saw the entire Naksan because I was walking up slope.....and then down slope until I came across something like an open exit and out I came.. into a lane where I saw murals and artworks once again. The next thing I knew was shops and eating places around me. Yeah...damn lousy directions for you to imagine...미안 해요.

I followed the arrow which I saw at the doggie's place just now and walked straight.

Walked straight into Naksan park

Should be nice to do some exercise here early morning. 
Can I see sun rise or sun set from here?  Should be nice ^^

Many Koreans walked faster than me ㅜㅜ

End of my so called Naksan Park walk...
At this point of time, I was all hot and Autumn...

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