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19 Oct 2011 - Day 10 in Korea

Actually, I was a bit worried for this trip to Damyang because I didn't do much research on it. It was the first time to feel uneasy in Korea...All I knew was I wanted to see the bamboo and trees!  After taking pictures at Metasequoia Road, I decided to take a cab to Samjicheon village.  There were very few cabs.  A cab suddenly stopped and asked me where I was heading to.  I showed him "삼지천노인회관" but he was not sure where was it and suggested that I should called a cab.   Hmm....I didn't find out how to call a cab in Korea...
I thanked him and appreciated his kindness for stopping by to ask.  Why did I said so?   That's because I noticed there was an old granny with potted plants sitting in his taxi.  Despite having passenges or maybe his own family member, he stopped by to ask.  I am really grateful for that .  I waited for another 10 mins and another cab came along.  This time, the cabby knew where Samjicheon village 삼지천노인회관 was.  Phew....

The journey to Samjicheon village was very deserted...I couldn't see any human being along the way!!  I  saw cows....trees...grasses...deserted farms...rundown houses...that's all.....That sort of made me worried...I didn't expect not to see any people.  How was I going to get back to Gwangju Train Station later on??   I think the train station was not very far but how to get back??   The cab just travelled on further and further away from the main land....
As we approached nearer to Samjicheon Village, I saw some old shops and a few people.  I felt slightly better to see human beings around...

Suddenly, an idea came to me.  I typed "4pm" on my mobile because I wanted to ask cab uncle if he could come back to fetch me at 4pm.  It was 3pm then.   Perhaps I had that "Super Worried" look, and the cab uncle seemed to read my mind.  He handed me his name card and told me to call him after I am done.   Great minds think alike...I told him I will wait for him at the entrance at 4pm.  He agreed and asked for my mobile number.  He also told me to try calling his mobile on the spot to see if I can connect to him.  아저씨, 정말 감사합니다.  You have no idea how grateful I was.   I felt uncle will not played me out by not coming back for me.

By the way, the cab journey from Metasequoia Road to Samjicheon village took about 15 mins and the cab fare was KRW14,680 but the cab uncble said its ok to give him KRW14,000.  How nice of him  ^^

Entrance of Samjicheon village.
Based on the information gathered from KTO, Samjicheon village was designated as a “Slow City” in 2008.

Nobody..Nobody...but me...

The sky was so so blue and clear, that I felt its so close to me! 

 Affinity with clouds, 雲  
Hmmm.....since when did I have the habit to look at the clouds...
It should be the influence of a "Plane Driver"  ^^
맞아  ^^

The sky was so clear and peaceful.  Did you noticed the bird nest on the tree?

Loving every moment in my life  ^^

Autumn leaves under the clear blue sky....something which I have never thought of ...

The clouds seemed within my reach!

There's a schoo??!! 

Different types of door

Oh!!!  I saw some children!   

The prettiest entrance that I saw so far

Withering leaves under the clear blue sky

What's this??  Bittergourd?? 

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

I love the greens!


It took me about 45 mins to tour around the place.   I got back to the entrance by 3.45pm.  The cab uncle was already there smoking outside his cab.  Although I was early but I felt bad to keep him waiting.   On the journey back to Gwangju Train Station, uncle became more chatty.  It was like a "Chicken and Duck" situation in the cab.. Me speaking in my extreme broken Korean and uncle speaking in his extreme broken English!   Nvertheless, it was enjoyable talking to uncle.  Despite his extreme broken English, he tried his best to introduce the places as he drove.  I think he was very experienced with tourists because he knew what tourists wanted.   The journey back to Gwangju Train Station was around 20-25mins.  The cab fare was slightly less than KRW18,000.  I want to give a shout out to uncle,"너무 너무 감사합니다!"   난 너무 감동적이었는데.

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