Thursday, 10 November 2011

16 Oct 2011 - Surprise at Songdo Beach ^^

Another view from the bus.
Hoped onto the city bus again and proceed to the next destination. 
Where?  I had not decided yet. 
I don't know why but I like to see the layers of housing.

Decided to alight at Songdo Beach.  It was a good decision afterall  ^^
Bright sunny weather but not as hot as Singapore.  The temperature was nice.

Huh??!!  Something caught my attention.

 Return of the Loch Ness Monster ??

Saw something in the sea again....

It was a Sunday.  Many families brought their kids here.

This bridge at the far left hand corner attracted my attention. 
 I had only 30 mins left before the next bus comes along...
Can I make it there?  어떻게?  어떻게?
Residents staying here are so lucky to be able to enjoy the seaview anytime they want.
What is this statue doing in the middle of the shore??

Innocent and carefree  ^^ 
No worries, no burden but just running around happily.  

Can't remember if this is a hotel but I can imagine how nice it would be to view the sea from one of the units here. 

A hat??

 Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram
I'm in Seo-gu?? 
I checked where is Seo-gu when I came back to Singapore..
Oh, Seo-gu is South West Busan... 알겠어요.

 Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

I think it would be really nice if I can watch the sunset from here..

Only 15mins left for my bus to come.  Heck care.  I decided to check out the bridge.

This was the bridge that I saw from the shore.

 View from the bridge

This was supposed to be a layout of a lotus flower ^^

Hmmm...a red piano in this setting looked a bit drama to me . 
At this point of time, I knew I missed my bus again ㅎㅎㅎ

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