Saturday, 19 November 2011


Came across this piece of news from  This should be a piece of good news for people making international calls from Korea... I wonder how it works since I can't understand what was written in the website provided. 

"Smartphone users in Korea can make international calls for free or at low rates.The 0044 Free International Call service offers users free international calls without requiring signing up or start-up payments. Unlike other free international call services that use an Internet network, this service uses the voice communication network of telecommunications companies which allow users to make international calls with better quality. The only cost by using the service is outgoing domestic call rates depending on a user’s plan.

The service is available on application markets for smartphones and can be searched by the keyword ‘0044’ or on its website It’s also available on general mobiles phones by calling 1544-0044. It offers free calls to 19 countries from Korea including the U.S., Canada, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

The smartphone application EggTalk is also becoming popular. It also doesn’t require any registration or monthly payments for using. EggTalk users receive ten free international text messages every month. Users can also collect points by using the service which can be used for purchasing restaurants vouchers or movie tickets.

Another application, Smartcall, also offers free international calls with various additional functions. If using the application on an iPhone, contacts, text messages, and call history interact with the application for more convenient use of the service. When a user sends a request, the service assigns a user identification numbers which don’t change after registration. The user can collect points by using the service that also can be used for various vouchers. Although the service is free of charge, it still requires wifi or data plan.

Time to Call is an iPhone application that offers international calls at low rates. The service allows users to call 100 countries with a range of the charge from 0.99 to 1.99 USD for 15 minutes depending on the country to make a call. The application works over wifi or with 3G wire networks in Canada and the U.S."

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