Wednesday, 30 November 2011

20 Oct 2011 - Day 11 in Korea

Did you notice I did not talk about my lunch for Day 11??  That's because I did not take any the time I noticed, it was about 3pm. Decided to take the subway to  Gwanghwamun station for an early dinner at Gwanghwamun Jip 광화문집.   You bet I was hungry!!

I love all the Korean meals that I had during this trip.  Gwanghwamun Jip 광화문집 was one of my favorite eating places, which I wanted to highlight.   Many thanks to zenkimchi who introduced this place.   Check out his website because he had given very good directions how to get to Gwanghwamun Jip 광화문집.   Although it was located at the back of some quiet lane but it was not difficult to locate.   

There were two ladies in the shop.  I supposed they were the bosses.  They were very engrossed in watching their drama when I entered the shop.   I can understand how they feel!!  I love watching Korean dramas especially romance comedy!!   Korean celebrities epecially the actors can really cry and melt one's heart....Hahahaaa....but I don't like sad drama as it will make me cry and sad for a long time....
The moment I was seated, one of the lady in the shop served me with Pork Kimchi Jjigae, 돼지김치 찌개.  No second thoughts on whether I could finish it up all by myself because I was super hungry by then! I told the lady that I also wanted Gaeran Mari, 계란마리 because they were known for that too  ^^ 

I wondered how many eggs did she used in her 계란마리 ....Heck care because this egg roll omelette was so niceee!!!

Both ladies suddenly disappeared out of my sight and even closed the door behind them!  They must have trust me a lot...hahahaaa....I was all alone in this shop for at least 5 mins but I was happy because I can take as many pictures as I wanted! 


Do you think I can finish my food?  Of course!!!  It was a great meal.  I enjoyed eating here a lot  ^^  Besides the fact that the food was good, I felt happy to be eating in simple and homely places like this, where the common Koreans will patronise  ^^
There was an 아저씨 who also have the same food as me except for the egg roll omelette....Hmmm....which means I ate more than him?!!  Ooppssss....
Before I left, I asked the lady in charge whether I can take a few pictures.  She nodded her head with a big smile! 

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