Monday, 14 November 2011

17 Oct 2011 - I am mad for garlic

It wasn't difficult to locate Mad For Garlic. I came out from exit 3 of Yeouido Station, walked straight and turned right at the first road to cross.  Cross the road, turn right, walk straight and you will see this building.   Follow the signage.  The restaurant is located at the basement.  Travelling time from Yeouido Station to the restaurant took me less than 10mins.  Address for Mad For Garlic is B1, Seoul Securities bldg., 23-9,  Yeouido Dong, Youngdungpo Gu.

I reached the restaurant at about 2.30pm. 
There were only two other guests in the restaurant.  

I have yet to check out the outlet in Singapore, so I was happy that my first visit to Mad For Garlic was in Seoul. Lots and lots of garlic, both soft and fried garlic can be found in this plate of garlic fried rice.  That's why its called "Garlic Fried Rice"!  Suddenly, I felt immune to all kinds of germs and bacteria ㅎㅎㅎ
This was the second best fried rice that I have ever eat!  Who ranked number one in my heart??  Of course, its mother's fried rice. I was worried that my breath would stink after eating this but who cares. Not as though I am going to talk a lot. Anyway, Korean garlic are not like the ones I ate back in Singapore; the flavour is not so strong.

Garlic ice cream.  There's a mild garlic flavour but its yummy.  I liked the garlic cookie ^^

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