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18 Oct 2011 - Lots of walking

I am not sure how to write this post because most of the time, I was not very sure where I was ㅋㅋㅋ   Anyway,  I took the subway to Hyehwa station and came out from exit 2.  
Map of the vicinity in the subway station

Walk straight once out from exit 2.  I decided to check out Ihwa-dong first because it was getting dark.  I didn't want to miss out Ihwa-dong because it was one of the top few places that I wanted to go very much.  I think if I had walked straight for 1-2 mins and turn left, it would be Marronnier Park. There were a lot of young people and a few of them were street dancing.  Cool  ^^

Still walking straight along the main road.

After I passed by this colorful emmm..., I came to a small road.  Wasn't too sure whether to continue walking straight or turn left because I saw some old housings that feels like Ihwa-dong on my far left.  I decided to walk straight anyway. Till now, I am not sure which is the correct way to get to Ihwa-dong.  

I walked until I reached a junction where I decided to turn left without crossing the road.

This was the road after I turned left.  Majority of the shops looked like repair shops for motorbikes or selling some metalwares.  
At the end of this road, I saw this bridge.
 I had a feeling I was walking in the wrong direction but I went ahead..

Passed by this building...

Still walking...

Where on earth is this place??

Huh? Dongdaemun Park?   Did I interpret it correctly?   Not exactly I think because I don't understand two of the hangul characters ㅎㅎㅎ  There was a path behind the pavilion.  I followed the path and walked up the slope.
The path led me here. I have no idea where I was till todate ㅎㅎㅎ
I didn't know there was a Dongadaemun Park ....

Exploring the place..

Blur when I saw what was ahead of me...
안돼!!  Told myself  I am not going to walk up that steep slope!  
The slope was much steeper than what my picture had reflected. 

I chose to turn left and walk into the small lanes...
It was not a good decision will see why...

It never occurs to me whether it would be safe to walk in the small lanes...

Super hot. I will never ever forget this hot Autumn.  It changed my impression of cooling Autumn. I think I felt the heat mainly because I really walked a lot a lot....How I wish I can have some 팥빙수 at that moment...

Drawings!!  I was very excited to see this drawing! 
 It could mean that Ihwa Dong is somewhere nearby!!

I walked around searching for more artworks.  I wanted so much to visit Ihwa dong  because this area used to be a mere slum located at the back of Daehak-ro's busy street.  In 2006, Public Art Project by Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism made this poor village into a special art place.  For 8 months, 46 artists and the village's inhabitants made 60 pieces of artworks together, which include murals, installations, public signs and formative works.   It has ever since then became a favorite spot for photographers.   Emm....I am not a photographer but I think I like such places  ^^

I felt this was a very meaningful project because it ejects colors and life into a village which could have been overlooked and forgotten. On the other hand, will it bring disturbance to the villagers as there will be more people or unfamiliar faces appearing in their residential area?  Well, I guessed there are always pros and cons to all things. Thanks to worldyannews for the useful information ^^

안녕!!!  YES!!  Yes!! I found it!!  I recognised this picture because I saw it from some bloggers who introduced this unique place.  One of my favourite blogger is  Her blog is really good!  I am so proud that she is a Singaporean and she studied Korean in Korea ^^

*Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram.

I climbed up this beautiful stairway  ^^

This shop looked familiar..I think it appeared in one of the Korean drama which I watched before. Was it  역전의 여왕, Queen of Reversal??  I liked that drama  ^^

Narrow paths were common.

and I climbed a lot of stairs.....

Encouraged myself by thinking of Girls' Generation.....why Girls' Generation??  Because they are the only girl band with every member having slim and long legs!  Yeah...the thought of them gave me the drive to walk faster...oshhhh...

 Discovered another artwork by chance when I turned back to take picture of the stairs ^^

Girls' Generation, here I come....

Saw this signage and decided to proceed to Naksan before the sun set. I knew I missed out quite a few artworks but I couldn't find them sad. I hope to come back again  ^^

I almost thought they were real doggies especially the one by the window.  Saw the sign that points to the left?  I followed the direction to Naksan Park.
Then I saw him!  So good looking! 
Did the owner of this doggie drew all those pictures outside his/her house?

The next minute, I saw this pink color house which caught my attention!  
Naksan Park is next.  Stay tune ^^  My eyes are blurry and tired now...

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