Tuesday, 22 November 2011

18 Oct 2011 - Day 9 in Korea

I continued with my search for the nearest subway station. Hmmm...was I in Daehangno??

Jae saw the delicious looking cream puffs and choux pastries from Papa Beard when we were at Takashimaya basement.  It was called Papa Beard in Singapore, but I think Papa Beard and Beard Papa's should be the same.   I was surprised to see a cafe for Beard Papa's in  Seoul!  I was tempted to check out the cafe but was still feeling full from my 비빔국수.  Anyway,  Beard Papa's originated from Japan and was very well know for its cream puff.  The website  Beard Papa's makes me hungry now...

O'Sulloc!  I couldn't locate it in Myeongdong....and was happy to see it here.   I wished I have left some space in my stomach to eat more....I will definitely be back to check out this area during my next visit to Seoul.   There are so many eating places that I wanted to try out, can I ever finish them all???

This building caught my attention

Feels like a grand entrance into the restaurant..

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