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14 Oct 2011 - Dinner at Bennigan

After checking out the stream, I took the subway to Gangnam.  It was almost 5.30pm when I reached  Gangnam.  My first impression of Gangnam when I came out of exit 6, was tall and huge buildings, and rushing crowds everywhere.  I don't really like it becos crowds make me giddy ㅎㅎㅎ  I realised the older I get, the more I dislike crowded places.  When I was much younger, I love to be part of the crowds...No...not anymore...
I walked around the place for a while and decided to head down to Seoul station to check out buying KTX tickets to Busan and Gwangju.  Perhaps, I will check out Gangnam again when I visit Seoul again. 

It has been a very good learning experience for me to buy Korea Rail Pass(KR Pass).  Though it gets a little frustrating but it was a good learning process for me.  My learning process started when I was in Singapore trying to contact Korail on how to purchase KR pass.  I made several email enquiries and was impressed by their prompt replies in good English.  
KR pass is a ticket exclusive to foreigners. It costs a lot cheaper to buy KR pass especially if you want to travel to a few places.  I wanted to get the first class seat for my trips but KR pass is only valid for economy seats.  I came to know from KTO that I can top up another KRW 20,000 if I wish to upgrade to first class cabin.  I asked Korail how should I go about topping up the additional KRW 20,000.  The email reply from Korail said that I can get the KTX first class seat at a 50% discount for first class cabin but it can only be done at the station.  Therefore, I did not make my online booking for my KR pass...

Back to my experience at Seoul Station.  It was very crowded when I reached here at around 6pm.  The place looked a little intimidating to me. Which way should I go to get my tickets....hmm...
Anyway, I joined the queue at the counters.  Seon Young gave me the sentence structure in hangul to buy a KR Pass ..

I was there at about 6.30pm. It was closed!  Operating hours till 6pm...Its ok nevermind 괜찮아.  I told myself I will come again tomorrow before I check out Sinchon.. Take note, it was a Friday evening.  My post on Day 6 will explain why I say take note that it was a Friday..
By then, I was hungry again ^^  Decided to have my dinner at Bennigan.  It was only 6.40pm and there was a long queue waiting.  Is it really so nice??  I have to wait for 30 mins which was fine with me because I can make use of the waiting time to check out Lotte Department Store, which was just beside the restaurant.   

I did not order this.  Was this part of the culture for western restuarants in Korea? 

Passion Fruit Daiquiri.  I like this!  Sweet and sour  ^^ 

I actually wanted to have another spaghetti dish but they didn't have it, so I ordered this. Not exactly to my liking. Too much ketchup for me. Aglio Olio is still my all time favourite..

Still not sure why Bennigan is so popular. There was a very long queue when I left the restuarant.  Perhaps they are good for their steak?   I don't know since I can't take beef.

Well, the ambience was pretty good.  I saw a mini birthday celebration at one table, where the waitresses gathered around the birthday girl, playing the Tambourine as they sang her a birthday song. Playing the Tambourine really bring out the joyful atmosphere.  
I never know that Korean used Tambourine in such occasions. I only know that Tambourine is commonly used in Norebang 노래방 (Karaoke).  Korean sure like Tambourine a lot ㅋㅋㅋ

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