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19 Oct 2011 - Day 10 in Korea

Walking straight means I will passed by the first noodle shop that I saw just now.

Walk straight and cross this junction
This was on my left just before I crossed the junction.   By the way, if you do not want to use the stone pathway to get across the river, you can also use this road/bridge to get across.

This was the road on my right when I crossed the junction. 

You will reach the entrance to Gwanbangjerim Forest after crossing the junction. My next destination was Metasequoia Road and I have to walk through the Gwanbangjerim Forest in order to reach Metasequoia Road.  Gwanbangjerim Forest is a special man-made forest that was planted to prevent flooding along Damyangcheon Stream.

官防提林 is also known as  Gwanbangjerim Forest

The Korean pronounciation of Gwanbangjerim sounds like its Chinese pronouciation!

The journey through Gwanbangjerim Forest began...Once again, there's a lot of pictures on trees coming up  ㅋㅋㅋ

Oh!!  I always see such scene in Korean drama!  Still wondering how did they manage to throw the stone for it to skip across the water....

Wowww...boy in action ^^

Only in Korea ^^

How do you call this big "table" in Korean??   I liked both the trees and this big "table" ^^

I think the pole was to provide support to the branches...

이건 뭐죠?

Saw a few 아저씨 fishing by the river

 Looks like home cooked food.   Very homely feeling  ^^ 
Came across an old granny and an 아저씨(not sure if thats' her son a not).  I smiled to the old granny and she started talking to me.  Oh dear...I don't understand at all.  I replied,"나는 싱가포르에서 왔어요".   When I said this, the 아저씨 suddenly become very excited and told me to sit between them!  Omg...I felt rude to reject his kind offer but I can't speak more then "나는 싱가포르에서 왔어요".  No choice but I have to reply them in English that I can't speak Korean...hope they don't mind...I hate the fact that my Korean is so I wish I can communicate with them...arggghhhhh...

The cute and naughty lady boss told me it will take about 30 mins to complete the walk but I think I took longer than that because I was busy admiring the beauty of the trees  ^^   It had been a very nice and beautiful walk.  Leaves on the trees towards the end of the path had turned brown/orange which was a contrast to those at the beginning of the path.  At this point of time, I turned to my right and saw a row of beautiful tall trees lined along the main road. Was that supposed to be the Metasequoia Road??  Those tall trees looked familiar to the picture I saw on the Internet!  Excited!!

Beautiful Autumn  ^^

Saw this on my left at the end of the Gwanbangjerim Forest.   Get ready to cross the road on your right because Metasequoia Road 담양 메타세쿼이아 길 is just opposite  ^^

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