Tuesday, 8 November 2011

15 Oct 2011 - 저녁 식사 at Omuto Tomato(Myeongdong)

The rain got heavier. Feeling extremely uncomfortable to walk in my wet boots,   I decided to get out of the place and went to Good Morning City at Dongdaemun to get a pair of new shoes for myself. Hehehee...I was most happy to give myself a good excuse to buy shoes  ^^  By the time I bought my shoes, it was about 6.30pm.  I took the subway to Myeongdong to get my dinner at Omuto Tomato.

Big Bear bear to welcome the guests at the entrance.  They are such irresistible cuties ^^

  Again, I did not order this. 
 I was still wondering about the bread served at Bennigans and Garlic bread at Omuto Tomato. 
 Was free bread part of the culture?  
My German Sausage Omurice @ Myeongdong Omuto Tomato. The omelette rice was NICEE but the German sausage was too meaty for me.  I could only finish one third of it.  If I did not remember wrongly, this meal was around KRW11,000, inclusive of a starter of garlic breads and two side dishes of pickles/radish.  Although, I could not finish the sausage, I felt the meal was worth the price  ^^

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