Sunday, 13 November 2011

16 Oct 2011 - 안녕 Busan. I hope to be back soon.

After a good meal, I walked over to the waiting area to check out which platform to board my train.  I was puzzled and a bit worried when I looked at this LED board. My train number was KTX 162, departing at 19.30 back to Seoul.  The time and train number was reflected on the LED board but I did not see the word 서울.  I saw 행신 instead and 행신 is another station.  I was quite sure that I did not missed my train but why 행신 Haengsin? My understanding of Korean language is super super limited....I do not understand what is 최종역 as reflected on the LED board.... 어떻게....
I looked at my ticket and I saw 행신.  My ticket had also clearly stated it was a ticket for Busan to Seoul.   Something tells me there is no need to worry but I wanna confirm.

Therefore, I checked this but of course, not with the intention to check the fare.  The destinations reflected on the route was familiar to me because it was a return trip afterall.  Looking at this, I think the train will continue its journey to 행신 Haengsin after I got off at Seoul Station. 

To double confirm, I went to the information counter to ask.  Yup!  I was right.  행신 Haengsin was the final stop.  최종역 means final station....Phew.... another lesson learnt  ^^  Busan Station was packed with people that night.  Everyone was trying to get onto their train.  Fortunately, there was two staff directing the crowd to the correct platform  ^^   Lots of good memories and precious learning experiences for me.  I hoped to come back again.  

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