Wednesday, 16 November 2011

17 Oct 2011 - Visit to 63 Building - Wax Museum

My third stop in 63 Building was the Wax Museum.

Deng Deng Deng Denggggggg

 I almost couldn't recognise this is Marilyn Monroe, if not for the mole and name.  
My first time to see Marilyn Monroe without her skirt flying....Wweee...Wweeeeeee....  ^^

I was never a soccer fan...
Never knew Beckam's full name was David Robert Joseph Beckham.

Wonder Bear!!! 

It would be really nice to cuddle him to sleep ^^

To conclude my trip to 63 Building, it took me about 1 hour 30 mins to check out the three places. You will probably need more time if you are going to pose for pictures. Out of the three places, I prefer SkyArt. Yeah right...even though I am terrified of heights... 

The evening was very cold. You can take a slow walk back to Yeouido station but I felt that I made the right decision to take the shuttle bus instead of walking. I would be a frozen snake by the time I reached the station...

Not too sure what time the last shuttle bus departs from 63 Building, but I managed to catch one at 6.06pm to Yeouinara station. I saw another shuttle bus going to Daebang subway station but that's not the bus for me. Destination was hand written on the shuttle bus and they were in hangul. I had to take the shuttle bus to Yeouinara station because that's the nearest for me since I wanted to go back to National Assembly station for my dinner at Handel & Gretel. Yes, Suju fans. You heard me right. I'm going to Handel & Gretel ^^ 
My only regret for the day was, I did not managed to take a stroll at Yeouido Park. Nevermind. I will be back in Spring!

The bus journey to Yeouinara station was less than 10 mins. However, it will not stop right in front of the station. Turn left as soon as you alight from the shuttle bus. Without crossing the road, walk straight and you will see a T junction in less than 3 mins. Exit 4 of Yeouinara station will be on the right hand side. Frankly speaking, I was not sure where I was when I got off the bus. I don't think there was any sign board to direct the way to the subway station. It was so dark even though it was only about 6.20pm. I followed the crowd and walked...

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