Thursday, 10 November 2011

16 Oct 2011 - A quick visit at Taejongdae

City bus comes every 40/45mins, so I decided to walk around the vicinity after lunch before the next bus comes along.  

I did not do any research about Taejongdae.  Hence, I was not sure where was I and where I have to check out.  Well, its ok for me.  Anyway, I walked up the slope to catch the nice scenery of the place.

Saw the ships at the far end?

There's a carpark!  Does that mean I can access to the shore??

Zooming into the ships....Well, I did not attempt to go down and check it out ㅠㅠ because time was running out.  I got to catch the next city bus as there were still many places to check out...

One last shot before I make my way down to the city bus stand...
I still miss the bus in the end because I went to the washroom and reached the city bus stand 2 mins later than the stipulated time...
Morale of the story?  Korean city buses are super punctual.  Arrive at least 5 mins before the stipulated time.  Anyway, I took this picture but I did not know what was this place.  I saw many people walking up the slope...taking cable cars? 
The next bus will arrive in 40 mins so I decided to check out the nearby places. This time, I told myself I must be back at the city bus stand at least 10 mins before the stipulated time!!

Well, not too sure what is this....looks like a war memorial to me..

Oh!  This should explained  ^^

Hhahaha Its tree again  ^^

So Taejongdae is part of Yeongdo 8 wonders.  No wonder ^^
Hmmm...I only caught a glimpse of it...

Snapshot while waiting at the bus stop.
This time I reached the city bus stand 15 mins earlier!

* Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

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