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19 Oct 2011 - Day 10 in Korea

Feels like I'm watching a Korean drama   ^^

The first noodle shop that I saw after I crossed the river.   Was this the popular one mentioned online??

I turned to my right and I saw this.  Where does this path leads to...

Oh!!  밥상  ^^

So pretty ^^

I supposed these pretty bicycles are for rent. I thought of cycling to the Metasequoia Forest Road but how am I going to return it?   I won't be turning back anymore...

I saw this statue just as I was wondering where is the famous noodle street ^^  This statue was familiar to me because I saw a picture of this statue from one foreign blogger who introduced about this famous noodle street in Damyang. 
The wordings on the statue 국수거리 mean noodle street.  I had the name of the famous noodle shop on my notes as, Jinune Guksugip 진우네 국수집 but I didn't know why I kept thinking that the name of the famous noodle shop as 국수거리...
When Jae told me the wordings on the statue mean noodle street, I told him, "Oh the famous noodle shop is also called 국수거리!" embarrassing....I'm so sorry, its my terrible mistake...

Jinune Guksugip 진우네 국수집 was just after the statue on your left.

Outdoor dinning!!  I wanted to try eating outdoor before I come...but the hot weather changed my mind as I was already perspiring after all the walking.   

Hard boiled eggs!!   Another familiar picture which I have also came across in the Internet.   I heard their hard boiled eggs were also good. good can a hard boiled egg be??   Aren't they all the same??   I didn't order the eggs because they came in a set of three.  Of course, I wouldn't be able to finish them all....three eggs at one go is also too much for cholesterol...

I remember Jae told me that I need to take off my shoes at certain eating places.  I looked around to see what the rest did...apparently, everyone chose to eat outdoor.   I looked out at the outdoor dinners..Yup, they also took off their shoes. 

Of course I will chose to eat using the  밥상!   

My lunch at the famous noodle street!  It was like a dream that came true for me.  I am happy and very contented that I can actually try it for real!   A very simple and nice meal!  I finished all the banchan 반찬 except for the kimchi, because it tasted like very old kimchi and I'm not used to this type of kimchi taste.. Actually, I wanted to order a second bowl of noodle but I decided not to overeat ㅋㅋㅋ

아!!  Not forgetting my Dong Dong Ju, 주.   I had no idea what was 동 주 and how it taste like but the name attracted me!  I told the lady boss I want  "Tong Tong Ju" and she laughed out loud...."Tong Tong Ju???"  Oopss...I knew I have pronounced the name wrongly...hahahaa...I always have a problem pronouncing  "Dong Dong" Vs "Tong Tong"!  I knew my problem when Jae tried to correct me with my pronounciation on - Dong Dong Hae Yo 뚱뚱해요 ...."Dong Dong Hae Yo" should be the correct pronounciation but I kept pronouncing "Tong Tong Hae Yo" instead of "Dong Dong Hae Yo". 
The lady boss was very naughty.  Everytime she passed by my table, she will asked, "Tong Tong Ju, ma si soh yo?"  Hahahaa...isn't she naughty  ^^  I will remember this cute and naughty lady boss.
Although I have mispronounced the name but I love 동 주.  I made the right choice ^^  It taste like Maegoli 막걸리 but 동 주 is more like a carbonated drink.   I don't fancy soda at all but  I really like 동 주  ㅎㅎㅎ

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram
So cheap yet so nicee ^^

That's the cute and naughty lady boss  ^^ 
Hmm.... I have assumed she was the lady boss... hahahaa

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