Sunday, 6 November 2011

15 Oct 2011 - Lazing at HoHo Myoll 호호미욜 on a raining day

I took the subway from Seoul Station to Sangsu.  Walk straight from Sangsu station, exit 2 towards Hongik University
Sad to say...天不作美. It was raining heavily when I reached Sangsu Station. I wanted to go to a cute cafe first before embarking on my shopping trip in Sinchon. This cute cafe, "HoHo Myoll 호호미욜" was introduced by many TV travel programs and many bloggers. It is a small cafe on the left, about 50 meters down the street.  Keep a lookout of a white van inside the cafe becos you may just walk right pass the cafe.  The white van is like the trademark of this cafe  ^^

Saw this after I came out from Sangsu station, exit 2. 
 I walked straight towards Hongik University.

Within few minutes of walking, I saw HoHo Myoll 호호미욜 on my left. 
Saw the white color van inside?

Entrance of HoHo Myoll 호호미욜

Where the cashier sits..

My lousy photography "skill" made the cafe looked messy.  In fact, it was not messy at all.  I loved the cosy feeling of this cafe especially in this cold and wet weather  ^^

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram



So many PiPi.  Specially dedicated to Ed ㅋㅋㅋ

Nice cosy corner  ^^

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Menu 메뉴  ^^
*Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

I watched a Taiwanese Travel program that featured their curry rice with an egg on top of the rice. It was a simple meal but it looked delicious.  However, the lady(could be the manager or the boss) told me they do not have rice 밥 sad...
Anyway, I heard the banana muffin here was nice but I tried the apple muffin. was the best muffin I have ever ate in my life!  I don't really fancy muffin because I find it fattening but this was apple muffin was really yummy!! 
*Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

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