Tuesday, 22 November 2011

18 Oct 2011 - Day 9 in Korea

I reached the main road after a while.  There were quite a few stalls selling street food and tents set up for Saju and Tarot card readings along the road.  I wanted to try out Saju and Tarot card but most of them do not speak or understand English.  Saju refers to the Four Pillars of Destiny, which is also what we commonly known as 八字, Eight Characters.  Anyway, I did manage to have my Saju and Tarot card reading done in English at Myeongdong underground shopping arcade and Insadong near NakWon Instrument store. The one at Ssamziegil Market, Insadong was unable to speak English.

It was about 5.40pm and the sky was getting dark.  I hesitated to check out the last place on my list, which was Sungkyunkwan University.  Finally, I decided to make a dash for it. From the main road, I located Hyehwa subway station.  It was exit 1 if I did not remember wrongly....I looked for exit 4 because that's the way to Sungkyunkwan University.  When I came out from exit 1, I felt the place resembled Myeongdong in some ways..I followed my map and walked till I came to Watson. This big junction was after Watson.
Cross the big junction and here's the way leading to the university


Entrance of the university

Although it was about 6pm, there were still many people going into the school.  I didn't walk all the way in because it was too dark to take any pictures.  I like the environment of this place.  It should be very beautiful during the day time...I will be BACK! 

Isaac sandwich right outside the school!  So clever ^^

Hello Kitty doesn't look cute and sweet in the dark...

Walking back to Hyehwa station

 Woww...it must be rocking high in there for Noraebang to be a concert ㅋㅋㅋ

To tell you the truth, I left the place feeling very unsatisfied because I knew I did not cover the place well, expecially Daehangno, Marronnier Park and Sungkyunkwan University.   I will be back!

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