Wednesday, 30 November 2011

20 Oct 2011 - Day 11 in Korea

I'm 4651.90Km away from home.   Hmmm...I don't miss home but its feels good to see the word "Singapore"!

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

I've seen so many of such love messages during this trip!

More love messages

Outdoor performance

I walked straight and turned right after coming out from N'Seoul Tower to find my way to take the shuttle bus ...

Signage to direct you to the bus stop
Walking down the slope

Keep on walking straight until you come to a point where you need to turn right to take a shuttle bus.   Not to worry, the bus stop will be very obvious.  I guess there will be many people waiting for their buses at the bus stop.

I took bus no. 2 to get to Dongguk Univ. Station because I was not sure where the rest of the stops were. I thought getting to the near subway station would be easier for me.

I think I used my T money to pay for the bus fare

Excited to be on the bus once again  ^^
Hmmm.....too excited that I forgot to take note of the stops ..

Glad that I did not miss my stop afterall.  I alighted at the correct stop and saw this.   It looked like a park...

There you are! Dongguk University!  Facing this direction , the subway station will be on your right.

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