Thursday, 10 November 2011

16 Oct 2011 - My favourite scene for the whole trip

I saw an old couple walking hand in hand towards me when I was on my way to the city tour bus stand. This post is specially dedicated to them because they touched my heart.  I was glad that I missed my bus afterall :)

Granny was looking hard at me when she saw me with my camera aiming at them! I acted blur and pretended to be taking pictures of the scenery around them. Actually, I was worried that granny will come up and gave me a knock on my head!  ㅋㅋㅋ

"Hand in hand, we went through ups and downs. 
Without much said, we stood by each other through the good and bad. 
Years went by, I am glad to have you by my side..."

This was the feeling I got from the old couple, as I watched them passed by.  Have you ever feel mind/telepathic connection with someone whom you just got to know?  It is like the 6th sense with each other regardless of the distance apart.  The feeling is strangely amazing and nice.

I watched them for a while.  Granny wanted to throw away the bag of trash and they went searching for the bin.  Grandpa followed with his hand held tightly to her.  By the way, Koreans have a very good foundation of recycling things...Singaporeans have a lot to catch up in this area...

Still holding on to each other after granny threw away her trash bag.  I wish granny and grandpa in good health and happiness always  ^^


  1. 너무 귀엽다! (^^) By the way I really love your blog! Also because I realise I'm very similar to you! Although I've only been to Korea once last year, it felt soooo at home and at ease! No fear, only excitement everyday! (^^) And it's so exciting practicing korean language everywhere! :D

    I'm excited to say I'm going Korea again this May too! Sadly, I'm only going for a short 10 days... ): I would love to travel solo and for longer periods like you! But my parents won't allow it yet... I'm turning 20 this year already! (><) Sorry but is it okay if you can tell me your age? (: Just curious!

    Keep on the updates! Gives me inspiration for my plans too! (^^) I also wanna travel to Korea every year at different seasons~ But if only I had more time and $$$. (.__.) 이 브로그를 찾아서 너무 반가워요~!!

    1. 안녕 ^^ Just remembered that your trip was in May. How did it go? Shd be good and missing Korea by now ba ^^

  2. 안녕하세요 ^^ Thanks for stopping by my blog ^^ I am so excited and happy whenever I hear people visiting my beloved Korea! Hahahahaaa I feel like extending my stay but I think I better save my leave for another trip this year *Hopefully
    Gal, you are still so young *envy + jealous hahahaaaa I am sooooooooooo old already. After I reached 21yrs old, I stop counting my age and have to count whenever people ask for my age Hahahaha. Very happy to know you 반가워요 ^^ Wish u a wonderful trip in May!