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10 April 2012 - Getting to Suwon

I woke up early to catch the first KTX to Suwon. I could actually take the subway to Suwon but it will take 72mins to get to Suwon from Seoul and the fare will cost KRW1750. Whereas, travelling by KTX from Seoul to Suwon will take about 31mins at KRW8400. I do not mind to spend a little more money for the ticket so that I can sleep a little bit longer and spend more time with my friend. Anyway, I will have the "opportunities" to travel long distance using the subway in the next few days.

Metro Hotel provides a complimentary breakfast buffet.  It was a very simple spread but the food was nice.  Some online reviews expressed that the complimentary breakfast lacked variety and the food was almost the same everyday.  Well, I don't have a problem with that.  I was very contented  ^^

My second round!!  
I loved the fried rice so much  ^^
The miso soup was not bad.

I arrived 10 mins before the train departs.  

Yup!  I'm on the correct train.  The last stop was Busan.

Reached Suwon.  As usual, only tourists like me will take pictures of a subway station! Hahahaa..

Jihye has been urging me to visit her in Suwon.  Finally, I made it!  We agreed to meet at Suwon station at 9am but they were caught up in the traffic.  Well, I am ok to be the one waiting because my friends are usually the ones waiting for me most of the time!  Hahahaa...think my friends will go Zzz...zzzz....zzzz if they read this!  Jihye told me that her friend, MK from Malaysia was also in Suwon to visit her so we will check out Suwon together  ^^  

I saw this guy while waiting for Jihye and MK.  He was here before me.  I noticed him because of his posture and position.  I wondered if he's waiting for his girlfriend or somebody important.  He has been standing in this upright position without moving for at least 10 mins!

It did not take long for Jihye and MK to arrive.  I was very happy to see Jihye once again  ^^  The moment she saw me, she gave me this!  Omgg...I was so touched because Jihye's mother made this for me as breakfast. 정말 고맙습니다.  I am really curious about the plastic sheet she used to wrap this because it was very air tight.  One could instantly smell the aroma of the food when I unwrapped it.  
Jihye surprised me by telling me that we will check out Suwon by taking the city tour!!  Hahahaa...that's because Jihye has been away from Korea for many years, so she will tour around Suwon like a tourist with us for the day!
We walked out of the train station and saw the main road.  If I did not remember wrongly, we turned left and walked straight to reach the Tourist Information Centre.  Its less than 5 mins walk.

Saw this lady outside the Tourist Information Centre.
Guess what was this lady selling?
Looks like 猪肠粉 Chee Chong Fun aka Zhu Chang Fen from far!
Obviously its not.  I think she was selling 떡볶이 Tteokbokki

This is the Tourist Information Centre.
Facing the information centre, there's a carpark on your right. 
 The city tour bus will be at the carpark.

I think the city tour starts at 10am or 10.30am...I can't remember because whenever I am with my Korean friends, I become so relaxed that I forgot to note down anything! While waiting for the city tour bus, we walked around the place.  

I did not expect to see so many cars on the road.

There were many Koreans taking the city tour.  In fact, I think all of them are Koreans! 

Here comes our bus  ^^

My city tour pass ^^
I can't wait to see Hwaseong Fortress!

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