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9 April 2012 - Home Sweet Home ^^

Reached Gimpo airport. I went to the post office at the airport to buy a box for packing the stuff that I'm going to buy and post back to Singapore.  Postage by EMS is not cheap but much cheaper than paying for excess baggage fees. Jihye told me Korea EMS is considered the cheapest among many countries. 
I learnt from online information that photography is prohibited at Gimpo airport. I wasn't sure whether it was allowed to take pictures at the bus bay but I quickly took a few snaps using my iphone.

*Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram.

I took bus no. 6001 to Metro Hotel.  Metro Hotel is 5 mins walk from Ibis Myeongdong, a hotel which I had stayed in my previous trip. There will be an uncle standing around at the bus bay to collect the bus fare. He can also guide you where to alight. I paid KRW7000 to this uncle. If you are going to stay at Metro Hotel, do not tell the uncle that you are going to Myeongdong although Metro Hotel is strategically located in Myeongdong. Do not tell the uncle you are going to Euljiro 1(il)-ga although that's the nearest subway station to Metro Hotel. Just tell the uncle you are going to Ibis Myeongdong. The red arrow in this picture is pointing to "Ibis Myeongdong". This will be the stop to alight. 

*Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram.

Bought the limousine bus at 1.40pm and reached the bus stop for Ibis Myeongdong at 2.27pm. Take note of this green ticket. You will need to use it to collect your luggage. No green ticket, no luggage to take. Why do I say so?? Cos I almost misplaced my green ticket and the bus driver insisted that I must have the hard copy. The bus driver was very unhappy with me and he grumbled a lot but I can't blame him. It was my fault. Thank goodess, it didn't took me long to find my ticket....Phew!!
Photograph of the ticket is not accepted!  Hahahaa...Lesson learnt!  Do not make the same mistake like me! Hahahaa..
It wasn't difficult for me to locate Metro Hotel because it was very near Ibis Myeongdong. I stayed at Ibis Myeongdong for 16 days in my previous trip so I can still remember the place fairly well ^^
As you alight at the bus stop and with your back facing the main road, turn to your left. Walk along the main road for about 2-3 mins and you will see an alley on your right, whereby "Miss Lee Cafe" will be on your far right. Walk into this alley. Walk for about 2 mins and you will see a big red signboard bearing the word,"Smoothie King" on your left. Metro Hotel is right beside "Smoothie King" or can I say they shared the same building??
Time taken to reach Metro Hotel from the limousine bus stop is about 5mins if you take the correct route.

My room for the next 10 days!  Wooohoooo!!  
I booked the Single Business room and felt the space was rather comfortable for me as a solo traveller  ^^

The reason why I chose Metro Hotel was due to its accessibility and friendly service.  Prior to making my room reservation, I sent quite a number of emails to make enquiry and their response was always prompt and friendly. Yeah...I go for service. On certain nights, I can hear people talking loudly along the streets but that's still ok for me cos usually I was too tired to bother about them..Hahahaa...
One of the best thing that I liked about my room was the temperature control system. Adjusting the room temperature is within my control. Unlike some hotels including 5 stars hotels, where the heater doesn't seems to be working or the air con is too strong. 

My cosy bed  ^^

After I'm done with taking pictures and unpacking my luggage, I took the subway to Seoul station to buy my KTX ticket to Suwon for the following day.  Yeah, I'm going to visit Jihye in Suwon  ^^  I don't think I need to buy the KTX tickets in advance but somehow I thought I'd better buy it in advance since I wanted the earliest train. I knew myself too well...I am always late so I don't want to be rushing to buy my ticket at the very last minute.  At the same time, I'm also going to exchange my e-ticket to Nonsan at the station counter!  Yes!  I am going to Nonsan on day 11 for the Nonsan Strawberry Festival.
I don't know why but I was very excited to take the subway in Seoul once again! It certainly felt like home sweet home!  Hahahaaaa....

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