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6 April 2012 - Walking around Jinhae

My mind was set on visiting the Naval Academy campus because I wanted to see the turtle ships.  Ahh...which direction should I go....   

I wondered around the food stalls and saw quite a few roasted pigs.  Hmm, roasted pigs remind me of my officer, Mr Chan cos he is always thinking of eating roast pigs in JB!  Hahahahaa...

I was tempted to have my second lunch for the day!!

I had always wanted to eat this since my last trip but didn't eat it till now... I also saw one vendor selling fried ginseng!  Wanted to buy but there were too many pieces in one pack so I gave up the thought  ㅠㅠ

삼겹살  Samgyeopsal!!!  

Still searching for my turtle ships...I asked the policemen where is the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-shin (이순신) as I thought I can see the turtle ships there as well. The young policemen did not understand what I was saying despite the fact that I took this picture to show them.  One of them told me this was just a poster. They were still quite helpful and asked their seniors. The senior policeman told me the direction after looking at this picture.

The policeman told me to walk straight after I past this Wooribank which was located near 중원로터리 Jungwon Rotary.

I walked a lot a lot a lot.  Felt my legs were going to break but I didn't want to give up my search for the turtle ships!

Saw the horse carriage again!   

I thought of following the direction of the horse carriage. Who knows it may lead me to statue of Admiral Yi Sun-shin. Haizzz...for whatever reason, it made a U turn ㅠㅠ Noooo... 안 돼!!!!  I didn't want to walk back again, so I continued to walk straight...

One of the alleys
Number "6"

Waoo, they can even have the big 'table' along the road.

Strong urge to rent a bike!!!!

I past by this place and an elderly Korean couple asked me to take a picture for them. They realised I am a foreigner when I said, "One, Two, Three".  The elderly man smiled and said to me, "Thank you!" when I returned their camera to them.  Waooo, he surprised me too  ^^

I just can't get enough of these beautiful cherry blossom!!!

Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram 

I saw many horse carriages at this round about.

The statue of Admiral Yi Sun-shin!  I had a feeling I am still not at the right place because I thought the turtle ships should be somewhere at a naval port...Oh, I knew why the policeman directed me to this place.  I should have shown him the picture of the turtle ship!!!!  Arghhh...
I thought I saw a display of the turtle ship beside the statue.  Did I remembered wrongly?  Anyway, I wanted to see the full-size replica of Korea’s famous, 16th-Century Turtle Ships not the display type.

Dokko Jin!!!!

I was trying to take a nice picture of this cherry blossom tree which was outside a house but I simply couldn't capture its beauty...

There was a 아저씨 sitting outside the house and he was watching me all this while.  Hahahaa!!
아저씨가 아주 친절.  He showed me the best angle to take a nice shot.
 Ermm, the flowers were really pretty but I lacked the photography skill 

Walking back to the rotary again...I think I walked past the rotary at least 4 times...My legs were really tired...
Suddenly, a lady walked up beside me and said, "안녕하세요."  I looked around and saw nobody beside me, so she was obviously calling out to me.  I nodded my head and replied,"안녕하세요".   She looked at me as though we knew each other.  She must have realised I am a foreigner the moment I talk.  Yes, it seems like nobody knew I am not a Korean until I talk.  She asked if I am also from China.  I told her I am from Singapore. She was surprised that a Singaporean can speak Mandarin so well. Chinese is not perfect but I am able to speak and read Chinese.  I told her Singapore's education system is based on bilingual policy.  All students learnt English as our first language and an official Mother Tongue language. For me, Chinese is my mother tongue language. Suddenly, I feel so proud of our bilingual education policy.  I have been using both English and Chinese so interchangeably in my daily life that I took it for granted, and see nothing special about knowing two languages.  Learning an additional language is always so useful.  The lady told me she was from China and had been living in Changwon for 4 years. She invited me to her friends' stall at the rotary.  I had to excuse myself cos I wanted to get back to Busan earlier.  Kinda feel bad though....
Saw this beside the stadium. 

Playful boy  ^^

I saw something like a military band inside.  Could it be the Jinhae Military Band and Honor Guard ?  

Beautiful flowers outside a house

Is this a rose?

Performance at the rotary.  The girls on the stage were singing "The boys" by SNSD.

삼겹살!!  Why didn't I buy this that day????   Oh yes, I past by the food stalls again...My legs were on the verge of breaking by now...

Should I try the ferry terminal??   No...I decided to give up my search for turtle ships...sobs...too tired...
Saw number "9" on my way back to the bus terminal.   I guessed he was one of the candidates.  

There was hardly anyone on the road except me and him.
 I looked around.  Oh, he must be making his speech to the residents here.
It was around 3pm when I reached the bus terminal. The bus to Sasang was already there.  Simply tell the counter staff "Sasang" and she will understand.  I bought my ticket and managed to board the bus.  The bus departed at 3.27pm.  Note that its free seating and no time was indicated on the ticket.  

The return trip to Sasang seemed to be a slightly longer route. I reached the BUSAN Seobu Sasang Terminal at 4.42pm.  At this point of time, you can see the subway station, exit 5 ahead.
I took exit 3 when I came in the morning but I think it would be easier to notice the bus terminal if you come out from exit 5. If you come out from exit 5, turn to your left. You can see the bus terminal from exit 5. There was no plans for the rest of the day so I decided to check out Seomyeon for a while.

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