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5 April 2012 - Getting to Namcheon-dong Cherry Blossom Street

After my lunch at Busan Aquarium food court, I took the subway to Geumnyeonsangan Station, exit 5 for Namcheon-dong Cherry Blossom Street. The streets are in Samik Beach Town Apartment Complex in Namcheon-dong. 

The information that I got online was simply, "Exit 5, Suyeong-gu Office. Walk 100m to Samik Beach Town Apartment Complex."  Ermmm....but which direction to Samik Beach Town Apartment Complex???  This is always one of the difficulties I encountered when I do my research.  Through my experiences, usually it means to walk straight from the subway station exit when there's no indication of the direction.  So far, I am 98% correct. Hence, I walked straight in this situation.  
Saw this steep slope on my right across the road after walking about 3 mins from the Geumnyeonsangan Station, exit 5.  Please remember and look out for this slope.  You will soon know why..

At this point of time, Honda show room will be in front of you and the steep slope that I mentioned just now will be on your right across the road.  Cross the road.  Facing Honda show room, turn to your left and walk straight all the way down.  There will be one or two traffic to cross.  I think its about 10mins walk to reach Samik Beach Town Apartment Complex from here. The apartment will be on your right.   

For me, I did not take this direct route but I took a longer route.....You can ignore my story below if you do not want to get confused. Hahahahaa...
I didn't make a left turn when I reached the show room. I continued to walk straight instead and saw this police post, where I decided to seek help!  Hahahahaa. I sought help from Mr Police many times in this trip.  Hahahaaa
I asked Mr Policeman where is Suyeong-gu Office.  He told me this whole area is Suyeong-gu Office....  -__- 
I told him I wanted to go to Samik Beach Town Apartment Complex and he directed me using hand gestures. I really appreciated his help.  He couldn't speak much English but we understood each other.  Thank you, Mr Policeman!

I continued to walk straight for about 1 min and turn left at this point.  KBS building will be on my right across the road.  

After I turn left, I saw Samik Apartment at my 10 o'clock direction. 

After I turned left, I walked straight for about 2 mins and saw Benikea Hotel Press.  I wanted to confirm that I was on the right track, so I went into the hotel to ask the receptionist. The first receptionist had no idea where was Samik Apartment so she asked her colleague.  Her colleague spoke fluent English and pointed the building to me.  Yes, I was on the right track.  Thanks to the helpful staff at  Benikea Hotel Press ^^  From here, I turned left again and walked straight along the road.
Saw this signage on my right from across the road.

So I crossed the road and walked straight.

I walked straight for about 5 mins.
* Actually if I had turned left at the Honda show room, I would have reached here as well.  Thus, I had taken a longer route...

And saw this signage  ^^

The building behind the stone wall is Samik Apartment  ^^

Samik Apartment!!  I finally found you  ^^

Spring flowers ^^

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