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7 April 2012 - Happiness from eating my 황남빵 ^^

It was about 3.45pm when I finished my visit at 불국사 Bulguksa Temple. Still having my Hwangnam bread 황남빵 in mind, I asked the taxi uncle where to buy it. I had no idea what he was saying but about 20 mins later, we arrived at the door steps of two shops selling Hwangnam bread 황남빵.  The two shops were beside each other. The first one was the production shop I think because the lady told me to walk to the roadside for their shop. I didn't followed what she said but I decided to check out the shop next door as shown in the picture below.

The breads were made and sold on the spot.   Which means fresh and piping hot from the oven!  I asked the shop lady for the expiry date of the bread and we went into a "Chicken and Duck" situation again.  Nevertheless, we understood each other and I was told that the bread can only last for 3 days from the date of "manufactured".  Sob...I couldn't buy the bread back for my family and friends to try but I was glad that I finally found a nice present to thank Mr Son for everything he has done for me  ^^

Yup!  This is for Mr Son and his family  ^^  I think there were two types of box sizes available.  I bought the smaller box and two individual pieces.  Why two individual pieces??   One for me, and the other for the taxi uncle ^^  Couldn't recall the price for this box but I think it was about KRW16000.  The extra piece that you saw in this box was given free to me by the shop lady.  고맙습니다!!   

Can't wait to eat it!!   

Yummy!!!  I love red bean paste!!!
행복해  ^^

Really sorry that I can't provide any directions.
This map on the name card is the best I can provide...

I think this shop is very popular because I saw many people at the bus terminal carrying this paper bag.  As the taxi uncle drove out from the small road to the main road, I saw another shop nearby which was also selling Hwangnam bread 황남빵.  This shop was packed with people!  That's okay, I was very happy with what I have bought ^^ 

We past by Bomun Lake again on our way back to the bus terminal but I decided to pass on that since the cherry blossoms have yet to bloom.  Arrived at the bus terminal about 30 mins before my bus departs, and I decided to go back to the shop where I bought my single pack of 찰보리빵 Chalboribbang bread.  Thought of buying another single pack cos I wanted to remember the special taste of this bread for a long time  ^^   
The total taxi fare was about KRW102000.  Quite expensive but on a positive note, I managed to complete my day trip smoothly.  There's city tour bus available and it would be so much cheaper.  Well, don't ask me why I didn't take it....

Here comes my bus back to Busan Nopo-dong Terminal.

Board the bus at 5pm and reached Nopo-dong terminal at 5.55pm.  That's fast. 

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  1. I like the other style better! We bought several boxes as gifts but had to eat them ourselves because we were told. They wouldn't stay fresh. Too bad for our family.