Friday, 11 May 2012

6 April 2012 - 산채비빔밥 Sanchae Bibimbap for dinner at Nampo

Back to where I stopped on my trip to Jinhae, dated 9 May 2012.   Reached Busan Seobu Sasang Terminal at 4.42pm and took the subway from Sasang Station to Seomyeon Station.  I preferred Nampo for shopping and Seomyeon for food.  There were many eating outlets and pubs in Seomyeon.   I heard of the popular Gyeongju Gukbap in Seomyeon and was hoping to have it for dinner.  Unfortunately, the direction which I got online led me to nowhere...

I was tired after a whole day of walking, so I decided to go back to my motel and had my dinner at a nearby restaurant.  Actually, I had been eyeing on this restaurant for a few days!  Hahahahaaa....  

Interior of the restaurant

Hehehee...밥상  ^^
I chose the right place!

산채비빔밥 Sanchae-bibimbap ^^
I thought Sanchae bibimbap does not contain meat, so I was surprised to see pieces of meat in the bowl.  Hmmm..the meat looked like beef, so I asked the waitress who confirmed it was beef.  괜찮아, just take out the beef will do.
The pancake was so-so only but I liked the sauce for this bibimbap  ^^  Niceeee 



The waitress brought me a cup of 식혜 shikhye when I finished my meal ^^
Shikhye taste like our barley drink.

Sikhye is a traditional Korean beverage made with barley malt powder and rice.
It taste sweet and cold.  Known to aid digestion.

I saw many "auto" doors in Busan but one must still press the "button" in order for the door to open.  Not that "auto" ㅋㅋㅋ

Total bill was KRW10,000

Tomorrow's itinerary was a day trip to Gyeongju.  I planned to take a bus from Nopo-dong Terminal to Gyeongju Express Bus Terminal, so I asked Mrs Son if she has the bus schedule.  She gave me this instead.  It was not exactly what I wanted but I think it will help those who plan to visit Gyeongju.  Easy to understand at one glance, isn't it?  

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