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8 April 2012 - Getting to Choryang market (Busan)

It was my last full day in Busan and I felt sad at the thought of leaving this wonderful place.  On the other hand, I was excited that I would be going to Seoul the very next day. Again, contradicting feelings...
The itinerary for the day includes Choryang Market, Cultural Alley and Seomyeon.

I took the subway to Choryang station, exit 5. There was no specific direction to Choryang market from the information gathered online, so I walked straight after I got out from exit 5. There will be a statue on your right as you walk straight.   I am not able to give specific directions to Choryang market and I think I took a longer route to the market.  In fact, I got to realise this after I made my way out from the market.  Actually, one need to walk straight all the way from Choryang station, exit 3 and the market will be on your right.  

This was the statue which you will see after you come out from exit 5.   I walked past it and turned to my right to cross the road behind this statue.  Basically, this is something like a roundabout.  

This picture has nothing to do with the direction to Choryang market.  Like I said earlier, there was no specific direction to the market, I walked up and down this road wondering which direction should I go.  I made a 180 degree turn to my right after I got out from exit 5 and saw this place. Obviously, the cherry blossoms had caught my attention.  

I didn't know what building was that until I saw this on the wall.
The building with cherry blossom was the Consulate-General of Japan.

Ok, back to my journey to the market.  Past by the statue and turned right to reach here.  This is the road behind the statue.  Cross the road.  

After crossing the road and with your back facing the road, turn to your left. Walk straight. From here, the market is somewhere at the 1 o'clock direction. Bearing this in mind, I walked towards that direction.

I was a bit lost here to give you any directions but I was still on the right track at this moment.  

While walking along the road, these girls approached me and gave me an Easter egg.  I was so surprised to receive the beautiful egg.  It was only then I remembered it was Easter day.  I took the opportunity to ask them where is Choryang Market.  The lady in this picture can speak simple English and she gave me the direction to Choryang Market.  She asked me where I am from.  I told her I am from Singapore!  I asked the girl in pink whether she speaks English.  Her reply was a firm,"Yes!"  Hahahaha...I liked her reply although she did not speak up any more ^^

Before we said good bye to each other, I asked them if I can take a picture of them.  They readily agreed and posed a nice picture for me  ^^ 감사합니다!!

The lady told me to turn left after I past this bank.  

I couldn't give the exact direction to the market from here.  After I turned right, I saw this place.  

Next, I saw this flower shop.  

I walked straight after I past the flower shop.   I kept a lookout for colourful umbrellas as advised from the online information as the colourful umbrellas will be an indication that you have reached the market.  

I reached this small road and saw a church on my left.  At this moment, a young boy suddenly approached me and gave me another Easter egg!!   Woww!  Now I have two Easter eggs!!  I was most delighted becos I had never received any Easter egg in my whole life. The boy was really cute cos he let out a sign of relief after giving me the egg!  I think he had a few eggs to give away.  His expression was like, "Mission completed!"   Hahahaa.  Holding the egg in my hand, I asked his mother, "For Easter?"  She replied something like,"To celebrate the revival of Jesus Christ."
When I told Jihae about this, she told me the word "Easter" is not commonly used in Korea. 

On my right was the church.  On my left was the market!!  
Yes!! I found Choryang Market  ^^

Beautiful dog outside the market!  Nice stretch  ^^

Not as many colourful umbrellas as I had thought...

Choryang market is  not very big and  almost the same as any other markets in Korea.  
Well, although they are almost the same, I still enjoy touring around the markets in Korea  ^^

I caught this big fat cat red handed!!  I think its trying to jump up to steal the salted fish for its brunch!!   The cat stared at me suspiciously before it retreated.   Oopss...guessed I spoilt its plan....미안...

This could have been the cat's brunch..

If this helps...

It was around 10am when I reached the market.
 I wondered if the market was closed or yet to open...

I always wanted to eat at places like this in the market.  I will one day!

Suddenly I feel like making fruit salad!!

딸기!!  They looked so inviting  ^^

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