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7 April 2012 - Getting around downtown Gyeongju

I turned left after coming out from the bus terminal.  Gyeongju has two specialty breads.  One is Hwangnam bread 황남빵 and the other one is Chalboribbang bread 찰보리빵.  I wanna try both  ^^  This shop doesn't sell their bread in single pack.  I can't finished the whole box on my own so I moved on to the next shop to try my luck.

This shop is also selling 찰보리빵 Chalboribbang bread and was located next to the shop mentioned earlier.  I was lucky this time because this shop sells single pack of  Chalboribbang  ^^ 

If I did not remember wrongly, this single pack of 찰보리빵 Chalboribbang bread cost KRW600/700.

Shops selling 찰보리빵 are everywhere...

I crossed the road and walked straight.  I thought the places of attractions in downtown will be nearby each other, so I could just walk until I get to the first attraction.  However, things were not exactly what I thought...

찰보리빵 shop again.

Hwangnam bread 황남빵  is also known as Gyeongju bread 경주빵.

The first ancient tomb that I came across. When I first read about tombs of the rulers of Silla in Gyeongju, I thought it would be impolite and eerie to walk around the area.  I was wrong. The surroundings was peaceful and beautiful.

It was a sunny day but the wind was very strong and cold.  

Peaceful surroundings..

Oh, was I at the Tumuli Park??  A passerby told me I'm not..

Walking around the place without knowing where I was...

I was so attracted to these trees growing on the tombs!

I had a place in mind that I wanted to visit.  The Anapji pond.  I approached a policeman for direction to the Anapji pond.  His direction was quite accurate but I have to walk a lot....Now I understand why he asked me if I am going to walk there...hur hur...
My apologies that I couldn't give clear directions here cos I was a bit lost!  Hahahaaa...Well, even though I couldn't give specific directions, I hope the pictures will give you a feel of how downtown Gyeongju is like.

Crossed the road and saw tombs again.
At this point of time, my impression of Gyeongju are only 찰보리빵 Chalboribbang bread and tombs...

No sign of Anapji Pond yet....

찰보리빵 Chalboribbang bread again...

I turned right and walked into this quiet street...

The cherry blossom will be full bloomed in 1-2 weeks time ^^

For a moment I thought this shop sells 소주 빵!!
 Big mistake...It is 소주 방 Soju room, not
소주 빵 Soju embarrassing..

It turns out to be a beautiful street.
I can imagine how romantic it would be to take a stroll here when the cherry blossoms come into full bloom  ^^
Did I stumble on the street of the ssambap restaurants?
 I heard there's a street in Gyeongju where the ssambap restaurants gathered.

Wish I can see you in full bloom...

I wondered if there's anybody staying here...

More ssambap restaurants!   I heard about Gyeongju Ssambap and planned to have 쌈밥 ssambap for dinner before taking the bus back to Busan.  Unfortunately, there wasn't much time left at the end of my Gyeongju trip.

Gyeongju famous bread is everywhere!  

I didn't know where I was but there's a stretch of eating places here.

Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Maranthon  ^^
Good weather to sweat it out!!
화이팅!!  화이팅!!  화이팅!!

Tombs again.

At last, I saw a direction for Anapji pond.

There's no reason how one could possibly missed out buying Chalboribbang!!
I heard the famous Hwangnam bread 황남빵 are located near the bus terminal. 
I must eat my Hwangnam bread 황남빵 before I leave Gyeongju!

Too many shops selling Chalboribbang and I gave up taking pictures of them...Hahahaa..

Looks like a carnival or expo.

Past the carnival/expo and walked into this place.  

Yeah, I walked to the right place. Saw the small tower in this picture? 
Its called 첨성대 Cheomseongdae, an astronomical observatory in Gyeongju and was one of the national treasure.  

Please pardon me for my ignorance but I'm still wondering what makes it special.
It probably have its own unique characteristic to be designated as a national treasure.

I think that's the route to the Gyerim Forest.  It was almost noon.  I didn't have much time left so I had to give it a miss.  

Walked on...

Getting ready for summer?

I heard one can rent a bike to cycle around downtown.   
Yes!  Told myself I will go cycling in my next trip to Korea!

天爱侨?   Any special meaning behind this bridge?

I didn't attempt to cross the bridge...

Beautiful  ^^

I continued to walk straight as directed by the signage.

Finally!!!  I reached Anapji Pond....It was on my left.  Just cross the road.

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