Saturday, 19 May 2012

7 April 2012 - 불국사 Bulguksa Temple (Gyeongju)

I took the taxi from 석굴암 Seokguram Grotto down to 불국사 Bulguksa Temple.
  It was less than 10 mins ride to the temple.  Again, the taxi uncle said he will wait for me at the big carpark outside the temple.  He has become my personal driver!!  Hmmm really good money for him. Hahahaa...

This tree needs support indeed!

I joined in the crowd cos everyone were looking up, but I realised there was nothing after 2 mins of staring in space.  Hahaaa....Natural human reaction I guessed.

I wondered why would these people be standing here, looking up and not going up.  Although there was a staircase up as shown in this picture, I noticed no entry was allowed.   Please don't tell me its closed!!  No, it couldn't be closed at this hour...!!

As usual, I followed the crowd although I wasn't sure where would this route lead me to...

Oh!  The route led me to the temple!  There were many people when I entered the place.  The kid inside this picture was very cute.  She made several different poses for her mum to take pictures  ㅋㅋㅋ  She didn't need anyone to tell her how to pose.  Every pose just came naturally to her!

A moment of serenity filled my heart.

That was the spot where everyone were looking up earlier on.  

I waited quite a while for the crowd to clear in order to take a picture of this passageway.
this guy suddenly popped out from nowhere...  -__-

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