Tuesday, 1 May 2012

5 April 2012 - Clam tents at Taejongdae

A surprise for me!  This was what I saw on my right.
I read about the clam tents by the seaside and was hoping to see them. 

This was what I saw on my left.

Checking out the place  ^^
Selling the same seafood. 

Beautiful dog!   I love dogs especially big ones  ^^
I saw a lot of big dogs in this trip.

Not realising the strong sun rays since it was very windy...
Its no wonder I became so tanned in this trip...
Nevertheless, it feels really good to be standing here listening to the waves. 

Making wishes?

I wondered what's in there....I saw a group of 아줌마 making their way inside. Could that be the Taejongdae park?

I read about Taejongdae Park but no idea where it was. My priority was not the park but to see the beautiful cherry blossom at Namcheon dong. Due to time constraint, I decided not to check out what's inside.  

There were a few cafes near the clam tents.

I walked to the other corner of the seaside.

The same seafood.

Scary scary...

Personally, I felt its too early to have a meal here but I think it would be very nice to eat here during sunset  ^^

Taking a peep
Looks like a popular stall  ^^

View from another angle of the seaside.

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