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7 April 2012 - Getting to 석굴암 Seokguram Grotto (Gyeongju)

I told the taxi uncle that I wanted to go to 불국사 Bulguksa Temple and  석굴암 Seokguram Grotto.  He suggested that it will be better to visit 석굴암 Seokguram Grotto first and he will send me to the temple thereafter.  The taxi uncle also told me that I should take taxi from the opposite side, ie not from the bus stop outside 경주맷돌순두부 Metdol Sundubu but cross the road and take from the opposite side.
He was very chatty and funny.  Once again, it was a "Chicken and Duck" situation but that did not deter him from chatting!  HHahahahaaa.. 
On the journey to 석굴암 Seokguram Grotto, I received a call from Metro Hotel which would be the hotel where I will be staying in Seoul from 9 April to 19 April.  Woww, they actually make overseas call to confirm my stay.  That's really good service. 

(It was also at this point of time that I realised I had two missed calls from a weird number, "00160XXX".  I think that's probably due to the location where the caller makes this call..Anyway, it was an invalid number when I called back. wonder I heard "Venus" earlier on!  It was not my imagination afterall!  Cos "Venus" was my ring tone back then...Hahahahaaa....blur me...) 

The taxi ride up to 석굴암 Seokguram Grotto was like a never ending winding road to me..The more anxious I was to get there, the longer the journey seemed to be!  The taxi uncle told me he will wait for me at the carpark while I checked out 석굴암 Seokguram Grotto.  Actually, I wasn't expecting him to wait for me cos I think there's a shuttle bus to the temple.  I asked if he wanted me to pay him  some money first, he said no need.  Gosh, he trusted me so much??!!   Of course, the meter will still run while he waited for me.  That's good money for him but its okay.  I believed sometimes in life, we need to let others earn some money if they are down to earth and earning an honest living..  He's a nice guy so I don't mind.  

Entrance to 석굴암 Seokguram Grotto

Queuing up for my ticket  ^^

I didn't know there's still some distance to the grotto after the entrance.  Another winding road again...

The edge of the road was quite steep and there was no fencing to prevent people from getting too close to the edge.  I thought that was pretty dangerous especially for young children and elderly folks.   

It would be a very nice leisure walk if I didn't have to rush.  I liked this place a lot.  Very peaceful and quiet.

I wondered when will I reached the grotto....

At last, no more winding road but where is the 석굴암 Seokguram Grotto??
It will take about 15 mins walk from the entrance to reach here.
I saw the words "감로수" engraved on the stone.
"감로수" sounds like 甘露水.
Yeap!  I took a sip of the water as well  ^^

Oh!  There's a signboard  ^^

On my way up ^^ 

I think it would be a very peaceful place when there's not so many visitors.


Hmmm...what is this place? 
I blur blur followed the crowd and entered this place.  Everyone was looking to their left where there was a piece of glass wall.  Oh!  석굴암 Seokguram Grotto is behind the glass wall.  It never occurs to me that the buddha statue will be inside because this place looked small whereas the online pictures of the 석굴암 Seokguram Grotto appeared to be very big and grand. It was dimmed inside.  Although photography is prohibited and visitors are allowed only a brief glance of the Buddha statue, I felt it was really worth making a trip here.  I don't know why, but looking at the Buddha statue made me feel peaceful and touched.  看着佛祖雕像,有一莫名的感动。 感恩,感恩,感恩。

The bell house.

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