Friday, 4 May 2012

5 April 2012 - Namcheon-dong Cherry Blossom Street

Past the stone wall and made a right turn.  
This was what I saw!!!  
I was so excited with the first sight of cherry blossom  ^^

Please pardon me for being so excited.  

For someone who has never seen a stretch of cherry blossom trees in this manner, 
this moment is just me and cherry blossom  ^^

You will see many pictures of cherry blossom which looked more or less the same.  
Like I said, this trip was specially planned for cherry blossom!

Canopy of cherry blossom  ^^

I think its a blessing to wake up every morning with such refreshing sight ^^
The residents here are so fortunate.  Cherish while it lasts!

Anyone who saw me will know I am a non resident here because I was the only person busy taking pictures. There were many residents walking in and out the place but non of them stop by to admire the view. I guessed they were used to this beautiful scenery.

When are you going to bloom like the rest  ^^

I never thought the flowers will grow on tree barks.  

Left the beautiful street with beautiful memory.  I did not explore the vicinity so I am not sure if this was the only street full of cherry blossom. I walked back to Geumnyeonsangan Station to take subway to Gwangan Station for 광안리해수욕장 Gwangalli Beach. Actually, I think I can walk to the beach but I better not.  Turn left after exit from the cherry blossom street, walked past the stone wall again and continued to walk straight all the way.  

I walked until I saw the Honda show room and the steep slope.  It took me about 10 mins to reach the Honda show room.

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