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9 April 2012 - Thank you Mr Son.

I checked out Elysee Motel at around 9.30am.  Mr Son happened to be at the reception and I passed him a small packet of durian candies which I had brought from Singapore. I prepared the small token with the intention of giving to the motel owner when I checked out.  I really didn't expect to receive such a big help from the motel owner, Mr Son in this trip. Really glad that I brought something from Singapore after all.  Durian is a favourite fruit for most Singaporeans but not many foreigners like it.  While Jae is fine with durian, Jihye told me she HATES durian!  Hahaha!  Yeah, its either you love it or you hate it.  I love durians but I don't eat it often since it contains high calories!  Mr Son told me he worked in Singapore many years ago.  I wondered if he had tried durian during his stay in Singapore!  The durian candies do not have a strong smell so I hope his kids will like it.

Mr Son : "Ah! You are checking out today. Where are you going now?" 
Me : "I'm heading to the airport limousine bus-stop."
Mr Son : "Do you know where's the bus stop?"
Me : "Oh ya." 

Guess what he said next?   

Mr Son : "Ok, you are going to take the scooter again."   
Me : "아!  괜찮아요!  My luggage is big and heavy. I can make my way to the bus stop."   
Mr Son : "Oh, that's ok.  No problem at all, just follow me."
Me :  "Are you sure?"
Mr Son : "Sure!  Just follow me." 

I followed Mr Son with my head full of question marks because I couldn't figure out how he could take my luggage on his scooter.  I shall leave it to your imagination how we took my luggage on Mr Son's scooter.  We saw the airport limousine bus approaching the airport limousine bus stop from across the road.  I told Mr Son its ok to miss this bus as I still have time for my flight but Mr Son did not want me to miss the bus.  He sped up and stopped in front of the limousine bus. He even help to carry my luggage onto the bus!  
No wonder Mr Son asked if I knew where's the airport limousine bus stop. It was not the same one where I have alighted on the day of arrival. The airport limousine bus stop heading for Gimhae airport was located opposite across the road.  
Mr Son had to quickly rode off after helping me with my luggage becos he couldn't park his scooter too long by the roadside.  Everything happened too fast, I didn't even had a chance to bid a proper good bye to Mr Son and his wife...I didn't have the chance to thank them properly.  Couldn't hold back my tears as I watched Mr Son's leaving on his scooter...Thank you Mr Son.  Thank you for everything.  

안녕 Busan...I hope to be back again one day.  Saw rows of full bloomed cherry blooms on the way to Gimhae airport.  Suddenly, I remembered that I didn't went back to Yongdusan Park to see the cherry blossom.  Told myself I will go back to check out the cherry blossoms again before I checked out the motel.  Well, its ok.  Busan has given me a lot of good memories to last me for a long time.
Board the bus at 9.50am. I was the only passenger on the limousine bus throughout the whole journey to the airport. The bus driver asked me whether I am going to the Domestic or International terminal.  It should be Domestic Terminal  ^^ 

Reached the Domestic Terminal at 10.50am.   Searching for the counter to check in.  

My air ticket to Seoul  ^^

I didn't had my breakfast yet, so I decided to buy a sandwich from here.
This place is next to the waiting area for gate 12.

My brunch.  Hot dog sandwich with mustard honey.
I love mustard and I like sour food but this was TOO SOUR!!

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