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6 April 2012 - Getting to 여좌천 Yeojwa stream(Jinhae)

This is Jinhae bus Terminal.  It was 9.35am when I reached here.  The bus journey took about 55 mins. Actually, I should alight one stop before the bus terminal because it will be nearer to the festive ground. No regrets to alight here as well because at least I knew where to buy my return ticket on my way back. I wanted to buy the return ticket just in case there's too many people rushing for a ticket. There wasn't any departure time stated anywhere, so I asked the counter girl what's the departure time to Sasang. Yes, I need not say out the entire name "Busan Seobu Sasang Terminal". She could not speak English but she understood what I meant. She showed me a blank ticket with no time stated on the ticket. I understood what she was trying to tell me. It was just like the ticket I bought from Busan Seobu Sasang Terminal this morning. There will be frequent bus timing for Sasang and probably departing every 20 mins as well. Therefore, I need not buy my ticket first.

I wondered which way to go from here....I walked straight again...

Quiet road.  

I did not carry any maps with me. Couldn't find much information online on the specific routes to take for places that I wanted to visit. Can only depend on my gut feel and common sense...

I had two places in mind which I wanted to visit very much. The first one was 여좌천 Yeojwa stream and the other was the Naval Academy campus where I heard there's replica of the famous “Turtle Ships”.  If you have read my earlier posts, I have always wanted to see the turtle ships.

I walked straight aimlessly admiring the lovely cherry blossom ^^
There was very few people.  No crowd for me to follow...hahahaa

Beautiful things never fail to delight a person, isn't it?  The whole town was practically lined with cherry blossom!! Now I understand what Jae and the old lady whom I met at 광장시장 Gwangjang Market in my previous trip had told me about Jinhae, during Jinhae Gunhangje Festival.
I saw some tentage and walked towards that direction.  Which means from the bus terminal, I walked straight for about 10 mins and turned to my left and landed myself in this place.  Remember I mentioned earlier,  I would be nearer to the festive ground if I had alighted one stop before the bus terminal.   Yup, the bus stop just before the bus terminal will be nearer to this place. 

All the stall vendors were getting ready for business. 

Saw many roasted pigs in this trip.

Oh!  That's the Jinhae Tower and the 365 steps!  
I walked past the food stalls, exit the place and turned right. 

Was that the 중원로터리 Jungwon Rotary?
There's a stage performance and stalls selling different things here.
I asked a participant of this festival for direction to 여좌천 Yeojwa stream.  She was not sure and she asked her 선배(senior).  Her 선배 was very kind.  He brought me into the temporary shelter and showed me this big map which was printed on the wall..
The purple arrow indicates 여좌천 Yeojwa stream and the red arrow indicates my location.  I felt so stupid when I was uploading this picture cos it was now than I realised the cherry blossom logo actually means the best spots to view cherry blossom!!!!!  Why didn't I realised it???   Arghhh....바보..
So I walked straight...

Past by a kindergarten.

And a church..


Past by this cafe as well. PoPo cafe sounds cute ㅋㅋㅋ

Oh!  That's the horse carriage ride I had read about online! 
Noticed this newspaper stand while waiting at the traffic light. Cool!
It took me about 10 mins from the rotary to reach here.
You will see Jinhae Train station on the opposite side of the road.

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