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8 April 2012 - Unintended lunch buffet at Choryang

I walked round and round the place trying to find my Choryang pork rib alley. Somehow I just couldn't find or rather couldn't identify any alley that looked like a pork rib alley.  I decided to proceed to exit 7 for Choryang pork galbi street, which was also on my itinerary as well.  After walking around the place for 10 mins, I gave up.  I decided to pop into any restaurant that appeals to me! 
Saw exit 9 in this picture?  Yup. I shall not confuse you with all the unnecessary routes that I took.  Here's the direct route to the restaurant where I had my lunch. Walk straight from Choryang station, exit 9. Turn left just before the zebra crossing.

You will see this slope after you turn left.  Walk up for a few mins and you will reach the main road.  Turn right when you reach the main road. 

Walk along the main road for about 5 mins and you will see this restaurant  across the road.  

I had my lunch here.  This building was next to the restaurant in red.  
It will take about 10 mins from exit 9 to reach here.

I was the first customer!  I always enjoy the comfort of being the first customer becos I can take pictures without worrying about intruding people's privacy. 

Ermmm...I had no plans and definitely not mentally prepared to have buffet for lunch but I couldn't reject the boss because he was a very funny and warm hearted guy.  Knowing that I am a foreigner, he explained the individual ingredients to me.  Yeah...it was a "Chicken and Duck" situation again.

I can have as much radish as I wanted  ^^

Jo, don't envy me for this   ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
I really eat this to my heart content!

The boss couldn't speak English at all.  He mimicked the sounds and movements of different animals in order to explain the different types of meat available.  He was so entertaining that I couldn't stop laughing.

Excited to see  삼겹살 Samgyeopsal  ^^
I never eat fatty meat especially pork belly until I tried Samgyeopsal in Korea and I blamed  Samgyeopsal  for my "pot belly"  ㅋㅋㅋ 

Making myself at home ^^

I really like the veggies shown on the left in this picture but how do I used them to wrap my Samgyeopsal??  They are so thin!

Hehehee... I managed somehow  ^^
Yummy Yummy Yummy!!!

This was my first round.
I think I had at least 3 big pieces of Samgyeopsal and plenty of bacon strips! 

My favourite mushroom topped with Ssamjang 쌈장 and Samgyeopsal   ^^  

Looking at this makes my drool....
My friend said I must be crazy to be eating 
Samgyeopsal all by myself.
Hahahaaa...Maybe she's right but as a tourist, it didn't really bother me and I was too occupied with my yummy
Samgyeopsal  ^^  

Its not expensive at all even though I targeted only at the pork belly and bacon  ^^ 

These were my four Easter eggs  ^^
Still racking my brains how to settle these eggs.  
Jihye said she used to enjoy decorating her Easter eggs with drawings and paintings when she was young but nowaday, Easter eggs were much simpler.  Ya, my impression of Easter eggs was also about drawings and colourings on the eggs.  Well, these were my first Easter eggs.  They are pretty to me with or without any paintings works  ^^ 

I didn't want to carry my four Easter eggs with me, just in case I crushed them up.  Hence, I decided to head back to my motel and give them to Mrs Son!  I didn't eat any of the Easter eggs as I felt four eggs would looked more presentable than three eggs.  Mrs Son looked most surprised when I handed her the four Easter eggs!  Hahahaa...

I was on my way to Nampo subway station when I saw this 아줌마 again.  She will be here faithfully everyday from early morning till night.  I'm always curious what is she doing here.  Can you guess?  Any idea??  Well, she's a money changer!!  Daring 아줌마 actually stationed herself opposite an authorised money changer shop.

예쁜 꽃을 좋아해요  ^^
Next stop is Cultural Alley!  

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