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7 April 2012 - Buying ticket at Nopo-dong Bus Terminal

Woke up very early for my day trip to Gyeongju today.  Very excited  ^^
Breakfast of milk and sweet potato cake to start the day!  

I bought them from the convenience store the night before.
First time to see and try sweet potato cake. 

 I don't really like sweet potato but this sweet potato cake was delicious!!

I took the subway from Nampo station at 7.20am and reached Nopo Station at 8.15am.   Its easy to locate the bus terminal once you get out from Nopo station.  Just follow the crowd and you will reach this place to buy your ticket.  The counter lady can speak English.  It was 8.26am when I reached here.  She told me the bus will leave at 8.30am and asked if its okay for me.  I said,"Okay!", asked her for the direction to the bus bay and rushed to the bus bay downstairs.  I read from the internet that the earliest intercity bus to Gyeongju leaves at 8.30am but I am not sure whether this information is accurate a not.  Just for your information.  Facing the counter, turn to your right and take the stairs down to the bus bay.  

This is my bus to Gyeongju.  Friendly bus attendant  ^^ 

The bus attendant tore a portion of my bus ticket before I had the chance to take a picture of it!  Slow for once... Hahahaa...
Halfway along the journey, I noticed I was given a seat number but I randomly took any seat that was available when I board the bus. Can I say that a seat number will be issued for bus which leaves at specific timing?  My bus trip to and fro Jinhae was not issued with a seat number and the bus leaves regularly every 15-20 mins. Could that be the reason? 

This is Gyeongju Express Bus Terminal.  There was no stop along the journey.  I reached the bus terminal at 9.20am.  The bus journey took about 50 mins. The first thing I did when I reached the bus terminal, was to check out the bus schedule.   

Bus schedule leaving for Busan.  

Since it will take about 2 hours to reach Nampo-dong, I decided to go for the 5pm bus.

For anyone if it helps in your planning..

Gyeongju city tour centre is beside the tourist information centre. I went to the information centre to get a map.  My plan was to check out Bulguksa Temple, Seokguram Grotto, Bomun Lake and followed by downtown cos its nearer to the bus terminal. The lady told me there's an ongoing marathon till about 1pm. She said the traffic will be affected and suggested that I checked out downtown area before proceeding to Bomun lake.  Oh yes, I remembered reading about "Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Maranthon" online.   Its held on 7 April.  I was so lucky to encounter it.  Hhahahaaa....

I took her suggestion and set off to check out downtown where the Anapji and tombs etc were located...Walked out from the bus terminal, facing the main road and turned to my left.  

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