Thursday, 24 May 2012

8 April 2012 - 돼지국밥 at Seomyeon for dinner

This was what I saw when I got out from exit 1.
 Walk straight for about a min and you will see an alley on your right.
Walk into this alley. 
This is what you will see when you turn into the alley on your right.
Go straight and you will see another alley on your left.

This is the alley when you turn left.  It takes about 2 mins from exit 1 to reach here.
From here, look out to the shops on your left.    

Oh!  I saw a ray of hope when I saw the word "국밥"!  

돼지국밥!!  Another restaurant selling 국밥!!
Am I at the right place??  

More 돼지국밥!!  
In fact, the whole row of restaurants on the left were selling 돼지국밥!!!   
Ding Dong!!  I think I got the right place!!!

There's a big pot of boiling soup outside each restaurant.
I had a hard time deciding which restaurant to go for..

This is really 경주 국밥 Gyeongju Gukbap but I didn't eat here eventually...

There were almost the same number of customers in each individual Gukbap restuarant. 

I think the restaurants are more or less the same, so I settled on this one.

The pot of boiling soup outside each restaurant looked identical to me.

Credentials from the media is one of the best publicity  ^^

Is this something like a dialogue from media program?

There's English translation for the menu  ^^
I already set my mind on 돼지국밥 months before I came to Busan!  Hahahahaa

The menu in pure Korean.

WOWWWW!!!   I can't wait to tuck into my Gukbap!! 
I think the ladies in the restaurant knew that I am a foreigner because I was busy taking pictures. 
Always be mindful and sensitive to the people around you and your surroundings when you take pictures. The lady who brought me this tray of food explained to me how to eat their Gukbap.  She explained a lot but I didn't know what she was saying. I can only guess what she was trying to tell me from her body gestures.  Most grateful to her for taking time to explain to me  ^^
Before I had a chance to take picture, she added the noodles or rather vermicelli into my bowl of soup. I think she also told me that I can add salt and pepper to the soup. Oh, I remembered Seon Young did the same when we ate Sundaeguk 순대국.  I only add the shrimps and some pepper into my soup.  The shrimps are meant to be salty, so go slow with it.

Looking at this picture is enough to make me swallow my saliva...
Suddenly, I felt so hungry!!
This taste like our local pig intestine soup.  It does not have the "porky smell"  ^^

I added all the chives into the soup!  
Personally, I felt its nice as the veggies helped to balance up the "meaty" feeling  ^^

Busy at work  ^^

Quickly snapped a few more pictures before I made my way out.
This delicious meal cost me only KRW5500!  So cheap!!
The shop lady also asked me where I was from.  I'm very used to this question by now  ^^
They even offered me some candies! nice of them!

I saw the word "3 代".  Does that mean this place or rather their recipe had went through 3 generations till now?

Jae said Dwaeji gukbap 돼지국밥 is a local specialty.  Yes!  That's why I must come here and try it out!  I told Jae I had no regrets in my Busan trip becos I got to taste their 돼지국밥  ^^  I will definitely be back to have my 돼지국밥 if I have the chance to come to Busan once again!

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