Tuesday, 1 May 2012

5 April 2012 - Bus trip from Taejongdae to Busan Station

I walked back to the bus terminal.  Can you see the bus stop right ahead?  It was just beside the bus terminal.  
Bus Garage??   
I wasn't sure where to take the bus back.   Should I go opposite or wait here?  I couldn't see any nearby bus stop on the opposite side of the road.  I checked the sign board and knew that a few buses goes back to Busan station and Nampo station.   As bus no. 8 just left, I looked at other options.  Just then, bus no. 88 drove out of the bus terminal.  I was the only one at the bus stop.  The bus driver seemed to hesitate to stop.  He looked at me, I looked at him and looked at the sign board again.  Ok, I will take bus no. 88 to Busan station. The bus driver started grumbling but I think he was scolding me.  Hahahaaa...I think it was because I didn't give a clear signal for him to stop.  He thought I was a Korean until I asked him whether the bus goes to Busan station. He looked surprised and said,"미안해........."  I couldn't remember the exact sentence he said but it was something like," I'm sorry. I thought you are Korean."  I replied, "괜찮아요. 나도 미안해."  He was so delighted and continued talking to me in Korean...Alamak...I can only manage so much...hahahahaaa...
I think he felt bad because he kept on apologising to me.  Actually, it was my fault too.  I wasn't sure and couldn't decide.  By now, I am very used to different Korean sentence structure of asking me, where I came from.  He also asked me where I was from.  I told him I am from Singapore.   He asked me to sit near him so that he can inform me when we reached Busan Station.  
정말 고맙습니다  ^^  It was 11.22am when I board the bus.  The bus fare was KRW1200.  
You will see there are 5 stops for each bus. Don't be misled that there are so few stops to reach your destinations. I think these 5 stops are the major or commonly known stops. Eg 부산역 Busan station is one of the stop for bus no. 88 and bus no.101. There are many stops along the bus route before it reach Busan station.  

I was curious why there were so many "numbers" everywhere I go.  
Only got to realise there was an upcoming election when I watched the news.

This bus also stop at Lotte Mall near Nampo Station.  I reached Busan station at 11.50am. This was the bus stop outside Busan Station.  I thanked the bus driver and alighted here.

Different types of mybi cards.  So it was also known as traffic card?

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