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7 April 2012 - 쌈밥 for dinner

After my day trip to Gyeongju, I went back to Nampo-dong for some window shopping before my dinner.  Since I couldn't have my 쌈밥 ssambap in Gyeongju, I decided to settle for this restaurant in Nampo-dong that also offers Ssambap but in a fusion manner.  I think I am a bit to the conservative type.  Most of the time, I don't really fancy traditional things that went through a modern twist. I do appreciate fusion stuff occasionally but not always. can say I am being an old fogy ㅎㅎㅎ 

There were a few groups of young Korean school girls eating here when I entered the place.  The group beside my table was quite rowdy.  Maybe they drank too much.  One of them actually spit on the floor right beside my leg! really pissed me off.   Pretty face but argghhhh.... Ermm..suddenly, I felt like an 아줌마 to be complaining on this incident but I really hate it when people spit in public.  I'm not saying that no one spits in public back in Singapore but I was shocked to see many young Koreans spit in public here in Busan.  No offence but spitting in public totally puts me off. 

Actually, it took me some time to decide whether I should eat here.  Why?  I don't take beef but the big signboard at the entrance shown a big picture of a bull.  I checked the menu and pictures shown on the entrance before I entered the restaurant. I think there's chicken as well.  After confirming with the shop lady who said they serve only chicken in their restaurant, I ordered this set meal as shown in this picture.

My conclusion : The picture is contradicting especially the picture of the bull which stands out more prominently than the chicken....
쌈밥 Ssambap is a rice dish served with a variety of vegetable leaves, meat, and side dishes. "Ssam" means 'wrap' in Korean, and "bap" means 'rice'.  Rice is wrapped inside a vegetable leaf with meat and topped with condiments.  I think there's a variation of the veggies and ingredients used in ssambap. Gyeongju Ssambap is known for providing a much more variety of the side dishes.  This should be a simple set as compared to the ones in Gyeongju.  KRW5500 for this set, which I think its quite cheap.  By the way, I saw this restaurant in Seoul as well. 

Its more yummy to finish the whole wrap in one mouthful!  
It may looked a bit unladylike but you got to eat wraps in one mouthful to truly enjoy it!  
Anyway, I'm certainly not the ladylike type as well!  Hahahaa...

Oh dear, its already so dark by the time I finished my dinner but this time, I had a slightly easier time to figure my way back to the motel...

Nampo-dong at night.  

I almost forgot about my 찰보리빵 Chalboribbang bread that I had bought just before taking my bus back.  Yup, I can still remember the taste till now ^^

Ate it as a late night snack.
 Its healthy food so I didn't feel guilty about eating it at this hour!   *Good excuse

I think 찰보리빵 Chalboribbang bread can be kept longer than Hwangnam bread 황남빵.

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