Sunday, 6 May 2012

6 April 2012 - 여좌천 Yeojwa stream(Jinhae)

Saw Jinhae Train station from across the road.  Actually, I wasn't sure which direction I should go at this point of time but I crossed the road anyway.  I only knew 여좌천 Yeojwa stream is nearby Jinhae Train Station.

A group of school girls walked past me just when I was fretting which direction to go. I followed them because they looked excited. Hahahaa...I crossed the road. Facing Jinhae Train Station, I turned to my left and walked for about 3 mins, where I turned right and saw this underpass. 
Walked through this underpass. 

You will see this shop selling 짬뽕 Jampong on your right after coming out from the underpass.

Past the 짬뽕 Jampong shop and you will see this ahead!  
Yeah!!  I finally found my way here ^^

여좌천 Yeojwa stream !!
Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram 

Can't hide my excitement when I saw this!  Never thought I can really see 여좌천 Yeojwa stream in person ^^  Ermm...this was only the beginning of the stream.  Don't be like me who actually spent almost 15 mins taking pictures at this spot and my battery was left with 50%....Hur hur

I turned my head to see what's behind me.  
Oh, its a different story on the other side of the stream ㅋㅋㅋ

Two words to describe my feelings, "Happy" and "Blessed" to be able to come here.
The following pictures may bored you as they are all Cherry Blossoms!!!  

This cutie was running around happily ^^

I think I developed some muscles on my arms for this trip...
Most of the time, I can't afford to rest my arms while waiting for the wind to stop.
 Its hard to capture a nice picture when the wind was blowing so constantly... 

Yeah, I knew...this picture was slanted just like the person who tried to stick out her body out to take a picture of this lovely view...

The teachers were so patient.
They were trying very hard to gather the kids and made them smile. 

3 different expressions for the same picture!   Hahahaa...So cute  ^^

Performance at the side of the stream

One of my favourite picture  ^^

I don't know what road is this but its beside the stream.  Its sooo beautiful, isn't it?!!

Stalls lined up by the side of the stream.

I don't know how long is the stream.  It doesn't seem to come to an end.
Saw a stairway leading down to the stream and I decided to take a picture from there.
My camera battery was almost flat at this point of time...

What's on your mind, boy boy??

Saw the second horse carriage ^^

* Been on the PC since morning.  Got to rest my eyes for now...Good Nite  ^^


  1. hi, may I know how do you get to jinhae station from seoul station? I know its via ktx but I couldn't find any jinhae ktx station on the map T_T btw, nice pics you have there! :)

  2. Hihi. U are right. There's no KTX operating at Jinhae station. If u look at the KORAIL website, u click "Transfer" instead of "Direct" cos there's no direct train from Seoul to Jinhae. And u select "ALL" for train. After u key in all the infor, u click on "Inquiry". U will see that eg the first train(KTX)departs from Seoul Station at 5.50am and reach Masan at 8.52am, transfer to the Mugungwha train at Masan station(9.40am) and reach Jinhae station at 10.13am. Which means you will need to wait for about 50mins at Masan station for your Mugungwha train to Jinhae.
    Hope it helps. Enjoy your trip ^^