Saturday, 5 May 2012

5 April 2012 - Getting to Gwangalli Beach

I took the subway to Gwangan Station.  I think I took exit 3 but can't remember. Both exit 3 and 5 will be ok.  Saw this building when I came out from the exit.  

You will also see this building.  

Just as I was wondering which direction to walk to Gwangalli Beach, I looked up and saw this signage.
Follow the direction of the signage.  Walk straight all the way.  

You know you are reaching when you saw the bridge  ^^
 Took about 10 mins to reach here.

I was very happy to see the bridge in person again.  I saw it in my last trip when I was on the city tour bus. Didn't have a chance to go to the beach back then due to time constraint to catch the KTX.  Actually, I wanted to see the bridge at night because it would be even more beautiful.  Changed my mind as I need to wake up early the next day to catch the early bus to Jinhae.  Yes Yes!  Post on my trip to Jinhae is coming up!

Wish I have the photography skill to capture the beauty of this bridge...

Envy the guests staying in the hotels along this beach... 

Zoomed in my camera and realised the bridge has two levels for vehicles to travel.  
Bye bye Gwangalli Beach.  Not sure when I can come back again.
Made a little wish before I left  ^^


  1. wwwaaahhhh !! i was really mesmerize by the pic no. 7 almost felt like crying so beautiful !!

  2. Please visit KOREA soon ^^

    1. yeah! i am next year going to be there from 24 april-3 may ;) visiting busan n seoul

  3. If u can go abt 1-2 wks earlier, u can see the cherry blossom in full bloom!