Sunday, 27 May 2012

"4 Fingers" at Ion Orchard (Singapore)

I was at Ion Orchard  to check out Ed's artworks at Ion Art Gallery yesterday afternoon.  Whenever I past by "4 Fingers"at the basement, I will be very tempted to try their fried chicken. It was 3.15pm...should I or should I not...??? 

I did!!!  I saw there were seats available so I decided to go for it!!
Usually, the place will be packed with people cos its not a big place.
Order at the front counter and pick up your food here. 

My "dosirak"  Hur Hur

Ordered the soy garlic fried chicken drumsticks lunch box. I think its $8.95..can't remember the exact price though. Omgggg...I declared this is the best fried chicken I have ever eat in Singapore!!!   Followed by Kko Kko Nara.  I think "4 Fingers" does not origin from Korea but from US, and they cooked it in Korean style.  
The soy garlic fried chicken at "4 Fingers" has the perfect crunch and perfect taste!!  It does not have the crispy greasy feeling but crispy and tasty!  The rice was a bit hard and cold.  Forget about the rice, go for the fried chicken set!!  I will bring Kim Kim here next time  ^^ 

* "4 Fingers" is located at Ion Orchard basement near the foodcourt. 

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