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8 April 2012 - A pleasant surprise at Pukyong National University

I took the subway to Kyungsung Univ. Pukyong Nat'l Univ station, exit 1 for Cultural Alley. I was excited when I knew there's a Cultural Alley. The information which I gathered online was to go straight 100m from exit 1 and turn left.

This was what I saw on my left after walking straight for 100m.  The information was WRONG!!!

The whole place didn't look like what was reflected on the map, which I had printed out from the Internet. I decided not to follow the map but simply check out the neighbourhood.  I continued to walk straight for about 2 mins and turned right where I saw this place.  It looked like a police station.

After I turned right, I walked into this lane.  

Pretty shop 

Wondering around aimlessly....

Saw this small cafe that was located at the end of the lane.
Sigh...I felt I had made a waste trip....
There was a small lane beside this shop, I thought no harm checking it out. 

This beautiful scene unfold right in front of my eyes after I walked through the small lane.
I was really astonished with what I saw! 

Oh!!  More cherry blossom!!  I didn't know where was this place but I also couldn't resist not to enter the compound.  There were very few people walking around.  Nobody bothered about me when they saw me taking pictures, so I guessed its okay to be here  ^^ 

I couldn't believe my eyes!!
Neither can I believe my luck!!!

Happy Happy Happy!!!
I got really busy taking pictures  ^^

The pictures may appeared almost similar but I don't care!

Full bloomed flowers!!!

너무 너무 행복해 ^^

I spent at least 30 mins taking pictures on this stretch of road.  Well, this was not the only road that was lined with cherry blossom!  I didn't explore the whole area but I could see rows of cherry blossom lined along the roadside of this place.   

The most romantic shades  ㅋㅋ

I still had no idea where was I but I had a feeling that I was in a school compound because there were many young people around.

Rows of cherry blossom in the compound.

The same cherry blossom but picture taken from a different angle.
Are you feeling bored by now??   Hahahaa..
Well, you can skip this post if you feel bored cos there are a few more pictures of cherry blossom below!  Hur Hur 

Lovely shades of green and pink  ^^

 I really like this place a lot  ^^

Ahuh!! This is a university, Pukyong National University! The students here are so fortunate!  Well, its time to leave this place. I told Jae that the cherry blossom here was not any less beautiful than the ones in Jinhae!  I don't know about you but that's how I feel. This place was not mentioned at all when I was doing my research for the top cherry blossom places in Busan.  Therefore, it came as a pleasant discovery to me!

I left the university and walked towards the main road to get to the nearest subway station.  There were many shops and restaurants around the vicinity. From what I observed so far, there will always be shops selling trendy clothings, accessories and cafes if there are universities nearby.   

Shopping zone

What is this pedestal bowl doing in this shop??

Along the main road.  More shopping opposite the road.

I wanted to take a rest here. Unfortunately, the cafe was closed ㅜㅜ

Saw the slope?  The school after the slope was Kyungsung University.
Well, I didn't went in to check if there were any cherry blossom in this university 

Yum! Yum!  The donuts sure looked tempting!  Saw this at Seomyeon subway station. I think it was near Lotte department.  
It was about 4pm when I took the subway to Seomyeon.  Yes, I went back to Seomyeon again because I had not give up on my search for Gyeongju Gukbap in Seomyeon!!  

SM Shopping Town?  Anything to do with SM town or S.M. Entertainment???

I didn't do much shopping since I didn't want to carry a heavy luggage to Seoul. I found two different directions from the Internet to get to Gyeongju Gukbap in Seomyeon. I tried the first direction few days ago but it led me to nowhere. Today, I'm gonna try the second direction, ie to take exit 1 of Seomyeon station. On my way to exit 1, I heard an 아저씨 calling out several times, "학생 학생, 롯데백화점어디서?" He called out this sentence several times that I had to turn around to see what's going on.  I was very surprised to see that the  아저씨 was looking at me!  
Oh dear, he was actually calling out to me!  When was the last time somebody called me a 학생?  Decades ago I think.... I felt bad that I did not respond to him immediately but it wasn't intentional.  Well, I felt bad but most flattered!!!  학생!!  I wish I can go back to my schooling days! ㅎㅎㅎ

I replied him, "Jukkkkkkkk...."  Yeah...I learnt this word during my previous trip.  It was so commonly used...It means something like, "go straight all the way".  I think 아저씨 realised I'm not a Korean when I speak up!  Well 아저씨, you can still trust my given direction as I walked past Lotte Department a while ago  ㅋㅋㅋ

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